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  1. The Complete Guide to The Cambium Networks Wi-Fi Portfolio

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    Cambium Networks are industry leaders in wireless fabric infrastructure for both business and residential broadband and Wi-Fi. Their impressive global portfolio offers numerous wireless solutions for different environments, businesses, and requirements. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to better understand the Cambium Networks Wi-Fi portfolio so you can make the right decision for your business.

    Cambium Backhaul

    Cambium offers a range of wireless and ethernet PTP (point-to-point) and PTMP (point-to-multi-point) backhaul solutions that have proven to be able to withstand challenging environments. The PTP and PTMP series offers secure connection, best-in-class real-world performance for easily sustainable communications and FIPS 140-2 approved security available for government and military applications. Minerva can help deliver the right PTP or PTMP backhaul solution for your business needs.

    Cambium Access Points

    Cambium offers a diverse portfolio of indoor and outdoor access points that can deliver superior performance in even the most challenging environments. Whether you have a small enterprise or a global, multi-network site, Cambium management solutions offer various options that are all optimized for scalability.

    Cambium Wi-Fi

    Cambium’s wireless fabric of connectivity solutions offers flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use products. The flexibility of the products means that your wireless solution can evolve with your business’s changing needs. The availability and reliability of Cambium Wi-Fi long-term reduce maintenance costs and provides more cost-effectiveness.

    Cambium Enterprise Solutions

    One of the biggest challenges enterprises face is having a simple to plan, deploy and manage broadband service in their individually complex wireless environments. Cambium’s enterprise Wi-Fi and switching solutions are all optimised for reliable performance, security, and ease of use. All options are scalable and operate via a cloud-based system. The cloud-based system has automated provisioning making setbacks minimal whilst also improving the efficiency of the network. This wireless technology is more cost-effective than fibre alternatives and is delivered quicker.

    cnMaestro Cloud Management System

    Cambium’s portfolio of access points, switches and fixed wireless technologies all utilise the cnMaestro cloud management system. This easy-to-use and easy-to-scale solution enable networks to run efficiently throughout increasing and changing demands.

    What industries does Cambium service?

    Cambium Networks have supplied different industries across the world with tailored wireless solutions to suit the environment. The industries they have and can service include (but are not limited to): military, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, mining, multi-dwelling units, oil and gas, governments, and police. Public safety and smart cities.

    Cambium doesn’t believe in a one size fits all solution for wireless. Each business and environment comes with its own set of requirements and challenges that require a tailored wireless solution to ensure seamless communication and reliability. Minerva is a proud partner of Cambium Networks and has helped a variety of clients implement their wireless infrastructure successfully. If you’re interested in how Cambium Networks could help you then get in touch with our team members today.

  2. The Full Guide to Nomadix Networking Technology Solutions

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    Nomadix have long been industry leaders, especially for the hotel industry, in visitor-based network solutions and has evolved as a business to offer a comprehensive suite of managed Wi-Fi solutions now also for multi-dwelling unit space. Their unique selling point comes into the full solution package Nomadix can offer for myriad connectivity situations.

    Nomadix full solution package includes everything from internet gateways and access switches right through to controllers and secure cloud management software.

    Nomadix for hospitality

    Hotel owners nowadays face huge pressure over ensuring guests are provided with super-fast connectivity across multiple devices. Nomadix has decades of experience in bandwidth management, Wi-Fi, and in-room connectivity solutions to ensure guests have a second-to-none experience and most importantly they can integrate their gateway with most of the PMS system.

    Nomadix solutions for hospitality include:

    1. Nomadix Cloud

    This provides guests with a seamless wireless experience while also making the management and support of the network simple and secure. The portfolio contains an integrated suite of tools that have been thoughtfully designed to be scaled from one to thousands of properties.

    The Cloud portfolio includes a Guest HSIS portal, conference room scheduler, Nomadix service engine gateway, and management and reporting dashboards.

    2. Nomadix Networks

    An industry-leading end-to-end network solution for wired and wireless internet access. Nomadix offers an impressive portfolio of internet gateways as well as their complementary range of access points, WLAN controllers and LAN switches

    3. Nomadix Casting

    Offering the fastest casting solution in the industry, Nomadix casting solutions can offer your guests fast and secure streaming from their mobile devices onto in-room TVs.

    Nomadix casting features include an automatic pairing of guest devices with a Nomadix Gateway, simplified authentication, contactless experience, support for content from over 2000 apps (including Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Hulu)

    Nomadix for MDU

    Nomadix’s internet access solutions are suitable for varied requirements of multi-dwelling units from student housing to shopping malls and shared office space. With a more connected world than ever and residents using living spaces for work, remote education, and expectation of access to entertainment platforms, both property owners and tenants need fast and secure internet they can rely on.

    Nomadix flexible solutions can ensure that you meet the unique access, security bandwidth control and network management for your specific property and environment. The two main solutions are:

    1. Managed Wi-Fi for MDUs

    Nomadix managed Wi-Fi offers an easy-to-use control portal and dashboard to provision Wi-Fi at properties. The dashboards can offer audit logs, robust controls and activity monitoring.

    A simple and intuitive portal is offered for property managers to oversee internet access for each tenant or unit with different service plans.

    Tenants can expect the bandwidth plan they have paid for without risking slowing down neighbors connections. Through Nomadix’s secure network they can keep their data separate from others.

    2. Bandwidth Management Gateways

    Fast, quality internet access is more than ever a critical requirement for any venue. Many hotels and venues can receive negative reviews if the internet access experience is poor. Add into the mix the number of devices each guest or visitor expects to connect to, and a robust and reliable solution to internet connectivity is more important than ever.

    Nomadix gateways are the perfect solution for this and with the flexibility and scalability, they can accommodate venues of all sizes from student housing through to football stadiums!

    All Nomadix guest internet access solutions were designed to deliver a quality guest experience and utilise robust internet gateways for security.

    Nomadix are a global leader in connectivity and facilitates over 5 million connections daily across the world with gateways installed in over 150 countries! If you’re looking for a connectivity solution for your business, then you can ensure reliability and a tailored solution for your requirements from Nomadix.

    If you’re looking for an internet connectivity solution for your hotel or MDU, then get in touch with Minerva today who is a proud distributor of Nomadix Technologies and can help craft the perfect solution for your requirements.

  3. How Motorola XT420 improved communication at Expo 2020, Dubai

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    Running from October to March 2022, Expo 2020 Dubai was a World Expo hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was the first-ever World Expo in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) regions.

    For six months, Dubai brought together over 200 nations to connect, learn, and present to the world their best ideas, projects and innovation. Dubai expo attracted over 24 million people from all over the world.

    Expo 2020 Communication Challenges

    Based on pavilions which were split by country, showcasing innovations and projects, this enormous stage required a robust, and reliable communications solution to help staff and pavilions communicate during this event. The vast expanse of Expo 2020 made face-to-face contact between staff members, technical and security in different locations difficult which is where Motorola’s two-way radios were able to play an important role in allowing teams to communicate effectively throughout the showcase.

    Communication Solution

    Minerva provided Motorola XT420 radios to a number of pavilions at Expo 2020 to address this challenge. Since this was a temporary event and not a permanent radio deployment we preferred to go with unlicensed radios and choosing XT420 was a no-brainer. Rugged and compact design, exceptional audio quality, ability to add privacy code to make the communication private, customizable channel announcement, time out timer, it offered most of the features a radio system should offer. With crisp audio throughout and exceptional durability, the XT420 delivered great performance even with hard use in high noise, and harsh conditions such as when events or music were showcased during the event. Motorola XT420 provided the right credentials for several Pavilions so they could benefit from clear, reliable communication throughout the event.

    Husein Katib who is Minerva’s Business Development Manager and leading the supply of Motorola Unlicensed radios said “It was an excellent platform to show just how versatile and reliable the Motorola XT420 radios were. Minerva successfully provided multiple pavilions with reliable and clear communication throughout the Expo.

    One of the challenges with finding a radio solution for such an event was that due to the different pavilions sometimes operating on the same unlicensed frequency you may find that someone else is transmitting on one or more of the 16 channels. Since the XT420 has 219 sub-codes on each channel, we were successfully able to allocate different sub-codes for each pavilion so that they could communicate without any interference from neighbouring pavilions.”

    The XT420 has many key features making it a suitable solution for many communication problems. The main features include enhanced audio quality with a 1500 mW speaker, military specifications for sealing against harsh conditions such as dust and wind, two programmable buttons to allow quick access to functions, customizable channel announcements, and voice-activated transmission for hands-free operation and extra levels of privacy with voice scrambling.

    If you think Motorola’s Unlicensed Radios could benefit your business or project then get in touch with Minerva’s team today.

  4. Everything You Need to Know About Switchvox

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    What is Switchvox?

    Switchvox is the pioneering solution for modern businesses looking for a unified communications phone system. Part of Sangoma’s family of Voice Over IP Phone Systems, Switchvox systems are designed to be simple to use, have additional helpful features and all are less than the cost of a traditional PBX.

    The best unified communications product

    Sangoma’s efforts when developing Switchvox to be more than just a business phone system, and to lead to a way for both hardware and software design in the telecommunications industry led Switchvox to be awarded the Best Unified Communications Product of the Year 2021!

    Recognized as being one of the most innovative communications solutions within the last year, Switchvox’s features all ensure that your staff and client can communicate efficiently and easily.

    What are the main features of Switchvox?

    Switchvox offers many industry leading features which can help your business simplify its communications into one solution delivered on-site or hosted in the Cloud. The main features include:

    1. 24/7 support

    Sangoma has 24/7 support for its business phone systems.

    2. Web-based interface

    For full visibility and control of your communications, the interface is fully customizable.

    3. Communicate on the go

    With mobile capabilities for both Android and iOS, you can effectively communicate anywhere, anytime.

    4. Reporting and analytics

    Improve productivity with better insight and visibility.

    5. Customization and integration

    Connect with other business tools for further enhanced efficiency. Switchvox can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk, Firefox, Chrome, Google Maps and Outlook.

    6. Perfect for contact centers

    The Switchboard interface provides real-time analytics making contact centre staff make quick staffing and call flow decisions.

    What are the main benefits of Switchvox?

    Switchvox has many benefits compared to other PBX systems. The main benefits include:

    • Enterprise grade features
    • All-inclusive pricing model
    • Award-winning design
    • Additional features (chat, video chat, quick dial, status, presence, and call rules)

    Ways to deploy Switchvox?

    Switchvox is one of the most flexible and customisable platforms on the market making it a great solution for many businesses. With effortless integration with SIP trunks, IP phones, PSTN connectivity and productivity features, there are several ways to deploy Switchvox for your business phone system. These include:


    Deploying Switchvox on-premise in your office with a dedicated hardware appliance offers a feature-rich and future proof business phone system for years to come. Switching to this solution on-site gives your administrator easy control over updates and any additional integration that may be needed at a later date.

    If your business grows, you can seamlessly move to a larger system that suits your business needs without having to purchase new software licenses. There are numerous Switchvox appliances, contact us to find which is the right one for your business.


    Many cloud-based solutions push a one-size-fits-all approach with little room for flexible or scalable plans without the cost of more ‘add-on’ features. Switchvox Cloud offers all features for every user, without any complicated pricing models.

    Deploying Switchvox via the Cloud is a fully scalable option for SMEs. Switchvox Cloud is easy to scale up or down with pre-provisioned phones shipped to you with system updates and end user support managed for you. With multiple plans available, this is a great option for growing businesses.


    Virtualizing Switchvox can help with cost savings and simplicity but utilize solutions that are optimized using virtualization. With SMEs facing similar challenges with reduced budgets, limited time and limited IT personnel, virtualization is a great solution for deploying Switchvox.

    Virtualization is a scalable solution for many businesses with the ability to determine what resources to allocate to the phone system with regular guidelines from Sangoma to ensure resources are established well to meet performance needs.

    The Switchboard

    Included for every Switchvox user, the Switchboard offers a customizable interface so that you have complete call control. Acting as a virtual operator panel, the Switchboard offers many features such as:

    • Standard call controls, dialling and receiving calls
    • Advanced call functionality such as transfer, record, park and monitor
    • Advanced call queue monitoring and management capabilities
    • Control from your web browser
    • Accessible anywhere with no specifical software or license keys
    • Training tools

    The Switchboard has flexible functionality making it easy for each employee to customize it to meet their own needs, using the widgets that are most relevant for their role within the business.

    switchvox switchboard

    If you think Switchvox could be a good unified communications solution for your business then get in touch with us today and we can help build the perfect solution for you to save both time and money.

  5. Here’s Why Your Business Should Upgrade to A 5G Network

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    In a fast-paced world of ever-developing technological advancements, 5G is definitely the buzzword of the moment – with much excitement across the globe about the speed, innovation and progress that the use of 5G will bring with it.

    Here at Minerva, we deliver business-critical technology solutions across market verticals from small commercial and private enterprises to large industrial and multinational operations. As industry experts, we are often asked about the benefits of 5G for business and wireless broadband for business, so here we use our broad sector experience to explain why your business should upgrade to a 5G network.

    What Is Business 5G?

    5G refers to the set of technologies and standards that make up the 5th Generation of digital cellular communications, just like 3G and 4G did before it. 5G is a trademark of the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), an organisation founded originally to standardise the third generation of cellular communications but has become the de facto standards organisation for the cellular communications industry.

    What Does 5G For Business Offer?

    The three main elements of business 5G are:

    1. Improved Speeds

    The most obvious benefit of 5G is the increased speeds. 5G is significantly faster than 4G, reaching a groundbreaking, super-fast 10 gigabits per second, in contrast to 4G’s 100 megabits per second.

    • Lower Latency

    5G offers far lower latency than 4G. This describes the amount of time it takes for data to pass from one place point on a network to another. Tech lags that are always a frustration both to domestic and business users are usually the result of high latency, often caused by overall congestion in the network and being too distant from the server.

    • Greater Capacity

    Much of the excitement around 5G comes from the exponentially increased capacity that the innovation brings with it, with many comparing 4G to the output of a garden hose and 5G to the output of a major industrial water pipe.

    In what ways will Business 5G positively affect operations and performance?

    1. Higher Quality Virtual Meetings and Calls with Improved Reliability

    The past few years have changed the way we work and communicate – with the increase in remote working, and with many firms moving to a hybrid model for their staff going forward, virtual internal meetings have become the norm, and online meetings and calls with clients, bid presentations and other external communications have seen the world become a far smaller place thanks to technology. 5G offers unparalleled speed and connectivity, ensuring that however you communicate, and with whom, connections will be clear and stable, allowing virtual meetings and important business calls to be a tool of success rather than a source of frustration.

    • Increased Device Capability for Viewing and File Transfer

    One of the most frustrating tech lags that hinders business efficiency is the inability for employees on the move, working remotely or working from individual devices in the office to consistently be able to view video and be able to carry out or access large data file transfer. 5G for business sweeps this aggravation away with its cutting-edge combination of speed, lower latency and capacity.

    • Increased Device Capacity for speedy and trouble-free access

    As we all become far more reliant on technology, the sheer number of local devices connecting to the network has expanded greatly, and this is a trend that will only increase over time. Many networks, even at full 4G struggle to cope with the load demand and the result is the inefficiency of business operations. 5G for business, by way of contrast, offers a greatly increased capacity – meaning that no matter how many devices your business needs to connect there is always capacity available, also enabling the future-proofing of your ongoing device needs.

    • Innovation At Your Fingertips

    Cutting-edge innovations like automation and AI are also set to benefit greatly from 5G enablement as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow. 5G will provide the platform needed to truly drive IoT connectivity, allowing even faster-paced tech developments – bringing forward opportunities to transform even traditional industries such as agriculture and conventional manufacturing.

    How Do I Successfully Enable Business 5G For My Company Or Organisation?

    We understand that connection and communication are king and queen when it comes to business effectiveness and efficiency, so we always advise consulting with expert tech support when moving across to 5G for business or when moving to or upgrading wireless broadband for business. In order to ensure a successful upgrade and to maximise the benefits of 5G, considerations will need to be made in the following areas:

    • Examining current network infrastructure
    • Identifying key areas of the business for investment
    • Balancing speed and connection with security

    Trust Minerva To Deliver

    Minerva is based in the hotbed of technological advancement and connectivity that is the UAE, famed in the region for our world-class smart cities and ranking third globally in the ‘Most Connected Countries’ index Proud of our technical heritage, we will use our decades of expertise to ensure your company is able to fully benefit from the all the advantages brought by adopting 5G and wireless broadband for business.

    Having an excellent reputation for exceeding customer demands, we pride ourselves on working with world-renowned vendors such as Cambium Networks and Inseego.

    We offer our clients leading products such as those from the Inseego Wavemaker indoor, outdoor and industrial gateway range and the Cambium Networks 28 GHx multi-Gigabit fixed wireless solution which allows operators to provide fibre speeds without the costs of installing a fibre infrastructure.

    Here at Minerva, we provide superior customer service and technical support and continually develop and maintain long-term customer relationships. To discuss the range of 5G connectivity solutions available at Minerva and to find the perfect fit for your individual business needs, please get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team today.

  6. The Advantages Of Licensed vs Unlicensed Radios

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    What Is A Two-Way radio?

    A two-way radio are models that allow two or more individuals to stay in contact through radio wave communication. Two-way radios are used in a range of environments and by a wide variety of businesses and organisations, as well as private users alike, as a result of their high-quality voice communication and ability to maintain clear and concise unified communications across potentially challenging environments.

    How Do Two-Way Radios Work?

    A two-way radio functions through the sending and receival of radio waves from one radio unit to another and is often used to transfer audio and data from place to place. When deciding on the ideal two-way radio solution for your business, options include either a licensed radio, or an unlicensed radio.

    But which is best for you and your business? Both two-way radio solutions boast a range of benefits, so depending on your circumstance, budget and requirements, comparing the option of a licensed and an unlicensed radio is a great way to ensure that your business needs are fulfilled.

    What Is A Licensed Radio?

    A licensed radio is a type of two-way radio that provides radio users with a unique radio frequency in which to communicate on. A licensed radio allows users to operate and utilise radio waves in a legal manner, with complete security. Licensed radios have acquired their name through the requirement of a license to operate these models, with license approval required to be renewed on a yearly basis, with the cost of these licenses varying depending on factors such as location, scope requirement and frequency requirement, too.

    Licensed radios are a hugely powerful model of two-way radios and are eight-times more powerful than their unlicensed counterparts, offering far superior coverage and a greater frequency selection, making them the perfect solution for those that require a wide-range, or private communications. These capabilities allow fantastic security capabilities and thus, provide strong defence against potential intruders of a sometimes highly sensitive communication from radio-to-radio. For this reason amongst many others, licensed radios have long been the choice for emergency services, the military and similar organisations.

    The Benefits Of A Licensed Radio

    Businesses and organisations looking for a reliable radio solution, with wide-spread coverage and high power, licensed radios are the perfect solution. For these reasons, licensed radios are the two-way radio of choice by many military organisations.

    Some of the top benefits of licensed radios include:

    • Uninterrupted, private communication channels
    • Larger communication range
    • Greater power capabilities
    • Range can be extended with repeaters
    • Long-lasting battery life

    As above, it is clear that a higher security capability is not the only benefit of a licensed radio, however, one of the most sought after. Licensed models as such offers a more powerful battery leading to a greater level of flexibility and reliability for the user, as well as private frequency allocation to ensure mission-critical communications are never compromised or interrupted in the occurrence of an emergency.

    Further benefits of licensed radios include the ability to implement additional applications and capabilities, namely voice recording, GPS tracking and telemetry.

    What Is An Unlicensed Radio?

    Unlike licensed radios, unlicensed radios, as the name suggests, do not require any license from local telecom authorities, and are programmed within a fixed band and ready to use. These radios do not require a sometimes costly annual license, and so are often selected by those that want to make use of the benefits of two-way radios, whilst keeping operational costs low.

    The benefits of an unlicensed radio

    Unlicensed radios are a great way to stay in touch with multiple people and increase your visibility in an area that perhaps requires communication between organisations, locations, and teams, for example.

    If you or your business are looking for reliable, cost-effective unlicensed radio solutions, take a look at the following models:

    Some of the top benefits of unlicensed radios include:

    • No installation cost
    • Easy set-up and instantaneous use
    • Reliable technology and design
    • Versatile across industries
    • All unlicensed radios work on the same channels
    • Customisation enabled
    • Tested to military standards
    • No monthly licensing fees

    For these reasons, license-free radios are designed mainly for small businesses like retail store, restaurants, schools, construction sites, hospitality and events. In terms of recreational usage, unlicensed can also be used during camping, hiking and other activities, making them not only a great choice for businesses, but for private two-way radio users such as families, too.

    For private users looking to explore their unlicensed radio options, take a look at the following options for cost-effective and reliable solutions:


    Both unlicensed radios and licensed radios offer a range of advantages. When deciding on the ideal model for your two-way radio requirement, whether you opt for an unlicensed or licensed radio solution depends on four main areas:

    • Coverage requirements
    • Security needs
    • The requirement of additional capabilities
    • Budget and affordability

    For businesses and organisations looking for a high level of security with widespread coverage, here at Minerva, we recommend selecting a licensed radio to best suit your needs. For those looking for a two-way radio for recreational purposes, or perhaps small businesses or organisations that require a range of communication options, as above, we recommend selecting an unlicensed radio.

    To explore Minerva’s extensive two-way radio product portfolio from a range of industry-leading vendors, get in touch with one of our customer service team today.

  7. What Are The Differences Between 5G and 4G Networks?

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    The differences between 5G and 4G networks may seem confusing at first, but we can assure you that once you get to grips with it, it’s relatively simple. It seems only a short while ago that previous network generations were born and were seen as completely innovative for their time. For example, when the 3G network was eventually integrated into everyday life, many saw this as an ultra-fast network. However, within these current years, it has become apparent that many data users simply scoff at the low connectivity level of 3G, it is no longer satisfying the modern fast-paced lifestyle many of us live.

    If you are someone who has heard of the new 5G generation of network, you may be asking what the benefits of this innovation are. You may also be asking what the difference is between 4G and 5G networks. We’re here to explain how the technology works and what the difference is between 5G and its 4th generation predecessor.

    How Is 5G Better Than 4G?

    To put it simply, 5G has a multitude of finesses in its favour over its older 4G sibling. In fact, this network has features and capabilities that were once unimaginable. Later versions of 5G have been proposed as a win for all industries driven by data, meaning it will be beneficial to many work sectors and businesses.

    With 4G, there is often congestion on the network, this was predominantly due to the overwhelmingly brilliant video quality that came as a feature of the 4th Generation network. This video quality upgrade was one of the reasons why 4G was labelled as elite in comparison to the 3G network, hence the reason for increased download traffic. However, one of the main benefits of 5G is that the network congestion will be eliminated. This will always allow super speedy accessibility for all users, including at data rush hours.

    What Are the All-New Features Of 5G?

    5G incorporates brand new features that were never thought possible when its predecessor was created. These all-new features include:

    • Less latency
    • Larger capacity for device connection
    • Impeccably higher speeds
    • Better efficiency
    • Less interference
    • Better security that is easily achievable

    The reason that 5G is capable of this is due to the new frequencies and spectrum that it uses. These have been developed by intelligent new technology, allowing us to progress forward into the new age of networking.

    5G providers are also promising a new age in terms of the extended range that 5G has to offer. For example, the Wavemaker PRO 5G Outdoor CPE – FW2010e promises to provide a longer range of up to 3 miles by using sophisticated high gain antennas. This means that the device lowers the cost of gigabit broadband deployment.

    How Can 5G Benefit Industries?

    One of the main differences between 4G and 5G, is the new types of connected devices that 5G will be incredibly valuable to. 5G will be able to connect to so much more than smartphones, tablets, and computers! In fact, 5G will be able to connect to pretty much any device, while still providing a speedy and stable connection across all devices. The all-new connection type is set to be used in important sectors such as the medical industry, which will highly improve medical care across the globe.

    5G can also improve the traditional industry of farming. That’s right, agriculture is digitalising! But how can digital technology assist farming? Well, it’s relatively simple! The technology being developed offers an efficient sensor system, so farmers can monitor exactly what their crops need! Furthermore, there are futuristic robots being developed, so farmers can have increased safety while farming and massively improved productivity.

    Even gaming, which is unsurprisingly the world’s biggest entertainment sector, will be growing even faster when 5G makes on the go gaming even more widespread. Devices will be able to have longer battery life due to the 5th Generation Network’s processing skills, meaning gamers can immerse themselves in virtual realities for longer periods of time.

    How Can Businesses Purchase 5G?

    It is relatively simple to incorporate the benefits of this new age network into your business or establishment. There are many different devices that you can purchase, either for commercial or for personal use. The suppliers of these devices include our valued vendors like Cambium Networks, and Inseego, who understand that communication and efficiency are at the heart of all businesses.

    If you are interested in purchasing a 5G networking device, please do get in touch with our knowledgeable and expert customer services team today, who will be more than happy to discuss the best option for your individual business needs.

  8. Minerva and Inseego Distribution Partnership

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    DUBAI, UAE. – 27/01/2022 – Minerva is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with Inseego, a US-based company offering industry-leading cloud-managed 5G fixed and mobile solutions, for the distribution of its products across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

    Minerva prides itself on distributing the highest quality products from leading vendors from around the world. This new distribution partnership with Inseego allows Minerva to add to its growing portfolio.

    5G is the latest in mobile networking technologies, with even better capabilities than any previous network option. The new technology is designed to have an extended capacity, greater speeds, and ultra-low latency, meaning that it can deliver brilliant new services that are unbelievably valuable to businesses and domestic users alike.

    The release of the 5G network has brought endless benefits to a broad range of work sectors and is set to enable up to $13.1trillion worth of goods and services. In fact, the 5G value chain could support up to 22.8 million jobs on its own. The incredible networking technology will benefit many industries including the all-important healthcare industries.

    Minerva has decided to partner with Inseego to offer 5G to even more audiences on a broad scale. Inseego, an industry leader in 5G and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions, provides highly reliable and enterprise-grade secure 4G and 5G Industrial IoT modems, gateways and indoor routers that meet the need for fast, secure, and reliable connectivity everywhere. These solutions are purpose-built to meet the demands of applications that require 7×24 reliability 365 days a year including distributed enterprise, business continuity, data centers, and transportation.

    “Today’s enterprise and industrial IoT networks need reliable, secure connectivity everywhere, and no one delivers that better than Inseego,” said Simon Rayne, Inseego SVP of EMEA. “We look forward to building momentum throughout the Middle East by leveraging Minerva’s excellent reputation.”

    About Minerva:

    Minerva is a distributor of Two-Way Radio, TETRA Radio, Wireless Broadband, Point to Multi-Point, LTE, Unified Communication products and Power solutions. Offering a comprehensive range of services including project design and consultancy, site surveys, project commissioning, technical training and pre-and post-sales support. With our head office and logistics centre located in Dubai, UAE, this is our regional logistics hub from which Minerva serves the growing demand of the Sub Saharan Africa, North Africa, GCC, Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan markets. Minerva’s in-house technical team provide a wide scope of knowledge and expertise which allows them to assist in the design and delivery of solutions across our full product range. Visit:

    Media Contacts:

    Donna Staniland



  9. What Are The Advantages Of Dispatch Software and SmartPTT?

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    Here at Minerva, our product and vendor portfolios encapsulate a range of software and operational systems. Designed for businesses across the globe regardless of size or scale, our softwares maximise efficiency. Dispatch software, provided by our partner vendor Elcomplus Company, namely SmartPTT, provide businesses with the ability to both scale their operations and increase personnel safety, to name just a few advantages.

    What is dispatch software?

    Dispatch software provides businesses with the ability to scale and improve their radio communication systems to facilitate a range of capabilities that maximise both cost efficiency, personnel work and customer satisfaction. Dispatch software is an operational system that enables communication and monitoring of said communication to maximise efficiency, clarity, scalability and flexibility.

    Dispatch software, such as SmartPTT, ensures the building of complex dispatch software systems. These systems feature a range of features including:

    • Voice Dispatch
    • Text Messaging Capabilities
    • Job Ticket Dispensing
    • Enhanced GPS Tracking
    • Voice Recording
    • Telephone Interconnect

    What are the benefits of dispatch software?

    Radio dispatch software hosts a range of benefits, including the ability to provide an elevated user experience such as enhanced monitoring, maintenance and management, the ability to provide rapid response to an emergency, increased personnel safety due to increased communicative abilities and reduced cost management.

    Other benefits of dispatch software include:

    • Enables sophisticated transportation management
    • Allows the implementation of automated scheduling
    • Ensures widescale scalability and flexibility for businesses
    • Leads to improved customer satisfaction
    • Provides real time route updating
    • Includes route optimisation capabilities

    Who uses radio dispatch software?

    Dispatch software is used by a range of industries and businesses including transport management, emergency services, regional, national and international couriers and oil and gas pipelines. Whilst this list is not extensive, the uses of dispatch software are broad and significant, and the software incorporates a range of business intelligence tools to enhance business operations.

    What is SmartPTT dispatch software?

    SmartPTT was designed by Elcomplus Company and features in Minerva’s diverse product portfolio. The software facilitates professional radio communications from Motorola two-way radios and creates sophisticated dispatch control systems for linear, geographical, and local objects to maximise the efficiency of radio communications and job assignment across a range of industries as previously mentioned.

    What are the features of SmartPTT?

    SmartPTT software is a highly complex software system that enables businesses to control and manage their communications with ease. These features include:

    • Real Time GPS Tracking
    • Emergency Alerts
    • Sophisticated Data Transmission
    • MOTORBO Infrastructure Interconnectivity
    • Date and Voice Logging
    • Radio Network Interconnectivity
    • Solo and Group Voice Dispatch

    The above features are ideal for businesses who are looking to automate routine tasks, connect radio systems to third-party applications such as IPBX, and conduct real-time GPS tracking.

    SmartPTT Dispatch Software at Minerva

    If you or your businesses are looking for dispatch software solutions, get in touch with Minerva’s customer service team to discuss your needs. Choose from a range of solutions to suit your business.

  10. What Radios Do The Military Use?

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    In the military, staying connected and having reliable communications is critical. Sometimes, it could be the difference between life and death. Two-way radios offer a line of communication over a range of distances, over difficult terrain and in hugely challenging environments, and for this reason are the popular choice with militaries worldwide.

    Military communications can be hugely complex and involve several signals and frequencies which means that the software and technology required is highly advanced. Radios are required as these frequencies are encrypted providing higher security levels, unlike a mobile device which could be easily interfered with. Much of the communications between military personnel are highly classified, containing commands, instructions and information that must be protected.

    As well as this, militaries operate in various locations including the dessert, the ocean, and in complex fields such as towns and cities, meaning that these militaries all over the globe opt for various radio systems, mostly depending on requirements such as required security level, contextual environment, and the distance the communications will have to travel. A combination of these requirements mean that different military personnel will select different models to ensure that their communications are as clear as possible. In challenging environments and highly time-critical situations, military personnel need to be able to always rely upon their radio devices, so choosing the correct model is vital.

    What makes a radio suitable for use in the military?

    Radio systems have a range of features and specifications to enable users to select the model most fitting for their requirements. For example, if the military require a radio system that will hold up in tough terrain, many choose high frequency radio options. For those that demand a higher level of security, P25 radios are often favored, for the quality encryption and great security features. Militaries also use satellite communications to cover long distances, demonstrating the scope of military radio communications, and reinstating that military radio types are not a “one size fits all” requirement.

    Hundreds of radio models and types are used by the military, however, largely, one of the most popular radio systems is the previously mentioned P25. For mission critical operations, the industry leader – Motorola, often provides the model of choice, the APX P25.

    The P25 was developed by the Association of Public-Safety Communication Officials-International (APCO) in the USA. P25, representing “Project 25”, was designed to bring mission-led personnel an affordable, easy to use two-way radio solution, and refers to a standard devised for secure radio communications in North America.  The model is now used globally for its supreme quality and reliable nature by public service personnel, emergency services, and of course, the military.

    APX P25 – Specifications

    Offering high quality performance and two-way functionality, the APX P25 are hugely versatile, resilient, and durable models. The P25 describes a family of radios, available in VHF, UHF and 700-800Mhz, offering flexibility for all practicalities.

    What are the features of the APX 25 radios?

    Many of the industry-leading features and amenities of the P25 radios include:

    • Compact Design
    • Color Display
    • Multi-function Knob
    • Dual Microphones
    • AMBE Vocoder
    • Intelligent Lighting
    • Radio Profiles
    • Text Messaging
    • Voice Announcement
    • Over-the-Air Programming
    • Extended range

    Another key selling point of the APX 25 series radios is their interoperability capabilities. This feature means that the military can communicate internally and externally, with the emergency services, for example. This interoperability allows personnel to remain connected with each other through all situations, which of course, is a highly attractive and necessary prospect. Furthermore, to enhance ease of use, the P25 models are designed with a large interface and lighting amenities despite the models’ compact nature.

    This intelligent lighting feature allows communication with no sound at all in compromising situations, with various colours alluding to different situations. For example, a green light could indicate mission success, or an orange light to a compromising situation of some sort, providing informative alerts at a glance and in silence. These radios are also able to be programmed autonomously, meaning any potential issues in the field can be rectified remotely – fore fronting the safety of personnel. These features demonstrate the smart technology and advanced design of these models and their suitability for military use.

    The silent communication capabilities don’t just include the intelligent lighting features, with integrated text messaging technology also featured. This offers the freedom to communicate in situations that require absolute silence, providing the ability to communicate discreetly.

    Overall, the advanced technology and multiple smart features that the P25 models possess directly correlate with the requirements of military communication, and for this reason it is clear why it is a popular choice.

    MOTORBO Radio Solutions

    Aside from the widely popular P25, MOTORBO’s DP4801e and SLR8000 are popular choices.

    MOTORBO DP4801e

    The MOTORBO DP4801e is one of the DP4801 Ex series, and delivers voice and data communication seamlessly. Designed and built with innovative technologies, the MOTORBO DP4801e combines complex features with simple safety measures to create the ultimate two-way radio experience, perfect for use in highly challenging and perhaps compromising environments.

    Features include:

    • Two-Way Radio Functionality
    • Long Battery Life
    • Large PTT Volume
    • LED Show
    • IP67 Rated
    • Five Year Guarantee


    Used for the model’s high performance and high delivery capabilities whilst maintaining a low price-point, the MOTORBO SLR8000 is another radio of choice for the military.

    With innovative. integrated software and it’s unparalleled versatility, this radio provides the military with the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, even in the most challenging environments.

    Features include:

    • IP Interface
    • One-Box Installation
    • Next Generation Design
    • Continuous 100W Transmit Power
    • Fully Customisable
    • Low Power Consumption
    • VHF 136-174 MHz
    • UHF 400-470 MHz
    • 64 Channel Capacity
    • 1-100W Output Power

    Available for purchase at Minerva, get in contact with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives for more information, pricing costs and more.

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