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  1. How to choose the right power supply for your business?

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    Deciding on the most efficient, safe, and effective power supply for your business telecommunications can seem a daunting prospect. While efficient power use is an essential component of an effective running business, knowing the specifics of what to look for in a power supply can be tricky. There are several different factors in determining which power supply can maximise productivity and reduce overall costs for your organization.

    Power Usage

    The choice of power supply should first and foremost be tailored to the scale of your business and the amount of power required within day-to-day telecommunications.

    This needs to be carefully balanced so the total voltage output of your power supply is enough for your business but doesn’t overextend in its application if the voltage is too high. Misapplication can not only cause your power supply to fail but can also damage your equipment. To choose the perfectly tailored power supply, we recommend vendors like Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT) which provides a wide range of solutions specifically tailored to the telecommunication power requirements of industrial businesses.

    Consider a large and small industrial company. The larger company’s operations will have far greater requirements for telecommunications power. Therefore, the large business may consider a three-phase compatible power supply battery to increase the input AC voltage and allow for greater DC voltage output. For lower-scale business operations, however, the choice of a less powerful model would likely prove more cost-effective for their telecommunications.

    Whether you run a small or large business, consider something like the Digital Series power supply.  This performance-driven model is an optimal choice as it’s available in various dc voltage outputs (12V 24V, and 48V). This allows the flexibility for businesses of different sizes and industries to use the power provision efficiency of the Digital Series and receive a power output tailored to their telecommunication needs.  

    Power Supply Location

    Another key deliberation when choosing the right business power supply should be the location in which your power supply is stored and how your choice is built for the specific environment.

    For instance, operating in extremely warm temperatures can lead to extensive derating and loss of power efficiency. In these circumstances, you may want to consider a power supply that has a strong internal cooling fan.  Similarly, extreme cold, if not properly accommodated by the power supply, can increase the internal resistance of power flow and lower the power supply’s capacity.

    If your business primarily operates outdoors in these conditions, it will be beneficial to consider a highly durable power supply like the Platinum Series. These have been tailor produced to accommodate telecommunications within the most extreme warm and cool environments. Another advantage of this model is that if your power supply does succumb to weather/temperature damage then there is a backup battery included that will ensure any business can continue to operate efficiently.    

    You should also consider the space available to store your power supply. Is there enough space within your application to fit in the power supply? Does this leave room for a cooling fan if required? Not considering these sorts of issues can lead to fire hazards which is something that no organization wants.

    Power Supply Efficiency

    As with any aspect of company, a choice in power supply should be tailored to what provides the greatest cost efficiency for your business telecommunications. Choosing an inefficient power supply lowers the amount of usable power despite costing the same and will also be less environmentally friendly.

    While no power supply will operate with 100% efficiency, there are features to look for that will make your telecommunications more efficient. The IntelliCharge series power supply is one example of a power supply built for efficient high performance. Its battery management system ensures that the required power and battery voltage outputs are not exceeded – and wasted – and that a consistent temperature is maintained. The series also offers power factor correction as standard. This removes as much wasted energy as possible and maximises the total usable power.

    Power Supply Safety

    While today’s power supplies are built and performance tested to meet company safety standards, organisations may have more unique or stringent power safety requirements than others. Innovative Circuit Technology power supplies however are not only tailored for specific industry safety guidelines but are certified by relevant industry safety regulators.

    The platinum series of power supplies for instance are RoHS-certified, meaning they have been independently tested and certified as meeting the recognized ‘hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment’ regulations. Other power supplies like the Sine Wave Series 1500 are also a good safety choice as they offer complete remote monitoring. This means any safety issues can immediately be spotted wherever you are. Similarly, choosing a distribution panel to work hand in hand with your power supply will further ensure safety. These panels distribute a safe amount of power to each of your electrical circuits, providing greater control over your organization’s power usage.

    Hardware and supplier Reliability

    Choosing the most effective power supply is fundamental to the long-term success of any business telecommunications no matter how big or small. With the importance of efficient power access, choosing a power supply provider that can meet the application demands of your business has never been more pivotal. By investing in an Innovative Power Circuit power supply, you will have easy access to a high-quality, secure, safe, and durable solution that has been tailored to the needs and requirements of your industry. Minerva is a proud ICT partner and will tailor a solution for your business’s unique needs. If you’re interested in choosing a power supply and wondering how it can benefit your organisation, then get in touch with our team of experts today.

  2. What is VoIP and how does it work?

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    When working in a fast-paced environment with employees, customers and clients, effective communication is often the determining factor of success. While traditional copper wire landlines have been historically used, the increasingly remote and on-the-move requirements of the business landscape have seen organisations begin to adopt VoIP technologies. 

    VoIP phone systems offer a globally unified communication system that can easily scale to business requirements in a cost-effective manner. VoIP Phone vendors like Sangoma have built on this technology and continued to innovate the way in which business communications can operate.

    What is VoIP?

    VoIP (Voice over IP) is a communication technology that works through internet connectivity as opposed to reliance on phone companies. A VoIP phone system is therefore accessible to any employee within a business as long as they have a live internet connection.

    VoIP technology works by using packet-switched protocols to compress and convert the soundwaves from our voices into digital data. These then travel to the receiving end through the online connection where data is uncompressed and presented to the receiver. Indeed, because VoIP technologies use this packet switching, more information can be transferred between individuals. Therefore, VoIP phone systems produce increased sound quality provided that the internet connection is stable enough to maintain it.

    Unlike other VoIP phone manufacturers, Sangoma and the S series of VoIP phones not only provide these crystal-clear communications but offer unique brand integration features. These allow individuals to tailor VoIP phones to communication preference; one such feature is the inclusion of Sangoma’s endpoint manager. Built to improve communication efficiency, this tool allows employees to program their home keys to act as a shortcut for any of the phone functions, upload images, download updated firmware and more.  

    Sangoma VOIP Phones

    Why is it important to businesses?

    As of 2021, the business VoIP phone market has grown to $68.3 billion worldwide, with a forecasted $83 billion worth expected by 2026. One key driver of this demand for businesses is the increased accessibility VoIP phones can provide. With greater employee necessity to work remotely, VoIP systems mean that employees can continue to be productive wherever they work. Moreover, businesses no longer need to invest in hardware annually and can instead scale their VoIP phone system to meet business demand and growth. 

    This is especially true for Sangoma which offer a wide product range with an advanced set of calling features like conference calling. Each Sangoma phone is tailored to improve business productivity and ease the challenge of managerial administration. The s406 VoIP Phone for instance features high-definition voice quality and up to 5-way conferencing that is ideal for fast paced businesses that serve lots of clients and customers; this phone can even be easily integrated with other Sangoma hardware such as PBXact phone systems.  The s705 VoIP Phone on the other hand offers 45 keys for customisable business use making it a fantastic choice for receptionists. Given that a receptionist is primarily the first point of call for customers and clients, providing them the right tools so they can work with speed and efficiency is fundamental. The s705 VoIP Phone enables a reception to do just that. Keys can be customised to easily carry out tasks such as dial extensions and call transferring that otherwise would leave the clients waiting.

    Sangoma IP phones are built for simplicity with full PhoneApps integration. These apps convert the complex Sangoma VoIP phone features into easy-to-understand visuals to ensure you get the most from your phone system. Just some of the compatible apps with Sangoma VoIP phones are call forwarding, voicemail transfer, call flow, conference rooms and more. This flexibility makes Sangoma phones incredibly easy to use for individuals – even the least technologically savvy people – enabling employees to easily tailor their communication strategies. Sangoma VoIP systems are also fully compatible with Sangoma VoIP gateways. These seamlessly convert landline communications to VoIP, enabling a smooth transition to fully VoIP systems.

    Installation process

    One drawback of VoIP phone systems is the complexities that can occur during the installation process. Not only can it take 10 to 12 weeks to set up, but configuring the various call settings and parameters can take time out of the day that could otherwise be aimed toward meeting business goals. Sangoma IP phones alleviate this issue with zero-touch provisioning capabilities that automatically redirect set-up to Sangoma’s own PBXact phone solutions. Based upon the open-source FreePBX system, PBXact hardware will automatically detect and easily function with already purchased Sangoma IP Phones.

    Hardware and supplier Reliability

    In the constantly changing landscape that businesses operate within, choosing the best VoIP phone system and the vendor is fundamental to long-term client and employer communication success. With clear and adaptable communication strategies required for clients, effective customer service and by employees, choosing a VoIP phone provider that can meet the demands of your business has never been more pivotal. By investing in a Sangoma VoIP phone system, you will have access to feature-rich hardware that has been built to be tailored to the needs and requirements of your industry.

    Minerva is a proud Sangoma partner and will tailor a solution for your business’s phone system needs. If you’re interested in the Sangoma VoIP phones and how they can benefit your organisation, then get in touch with our team today!

  3. What is cnMaestro™? 7 Key Features

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    cnMaestro™ is an enterprise-class management system, part of the Cambium Networks portfolio. It is a management software platform that can be hosted either via the cloud, or on-premises to ensure secure network control. The sophisticated network management system is easy to use helping simplify operations and ongoing maintenance of your network.

    cnMaestro™ works seamlessly with the other products in the Cambium portfolio including cnPilot, ePMP, PtP and PtMP, cnMatrix, cnVision and cnWave.

    There are many benefits to utilising cnMaestro™, including:

    1. Simplified device management

    In a single window, you can have full visibility into your whole Cambium product line and manage the complete lifecycle of Cambium devices. The intuitive and easy to use interface allows greater focus and faster times for productivity.

    2. Full visibility

    Once your access points and switches are configured, you can monitor and manage the performance of both network and client devices. The interface includes a client dashboard, an application page and a performance page offering visibility into the client activity and the quality of experience. You can also delve further and troubleshoot client device issues.

    3. Designed for wireless

    cnMaestro™ is designed from the bottom up for wireless networks. You can view network data including maps, tables and single devices or the entire group.

    4. Scalable

    The configuration functionality makes it easy to add new products to the network. If you add new APs or switches, the auto-configuration functionality allows easy integration with zero-touch so you can grow the network easily.

    5. Troubleshooting & 24/7 support

    The system has robust troubleshooting tools including remote CLI access to access points and switches. Health and performance statics are shown in the dashboard with just one click so you can review any issues easily and rectify them quickly. For any other technical issues, there is 24/7 support from the platform.

    6. APIs and Webhooks

    The system also allows for 3rd party integrations so you can link with Slack and other tools your business uses on a day-to-day basis.

    7. Enhance guest access portal capabilities

    cnMaestro™ makes it easy to create custom guess access portals for different networks, whether they are free, paid or voucher based. It allows for a maximum of 500 different access portals or a maximum of 10,000 sessions. Creating a custom access portal is very easy in the cnMaestro™ interface with customisable templates for landing pages and more.

    What subscriptions are available?

    There are two different subscriptions available with cnMaestro™. The first is cnMaestro™ Essentials which is a license-free version. This delivers a disruptive Total Cost of Ownership for all sizes of organisations and businesses. The second option is cnMaestro™ X, this is a subscription offer that includes more advanced management capabilities, accelerated access to L2 engineers and faster upgrades to advanced features.

    Minerva is proud Cambium Networks partners and can help tailor a solution for your connectivity needs. If you’re interested in cnMaestro and how it can benefit your business or organisation, then get in touch with our team today.

  4. How to select the right public Wi-Fi system for your business

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    Deciding on the right Public Wi-Fi system can be fundamental to the successful operation of any company. Whether hosting for customers, clients, or employees, an effective WLAN supplier can revolutionise your business’s operations. When deciding upon a Wi-Fi systems supplier, different variables should be considered to meet your business’s wireless network ambitions and improve benefit/cost efficiency.

    Business Size

    A key component of business Wi-Fi system suitability relates to the size of your operations. This is because each WLAN system is driven by a specific frequency that is beneficial within a specific context of use. Suppliers like Cambium Networks™ offer a range of sophisticated cnPilot™ WLAN systems tailored to different purposes, users, and environments.

    For example, the cnPilot™; Wifi-6 are dual band AP’s. This enables them to run on a 5GHz frequency making fast connectivity a key advantage for small-medium fast-paced office work. Similarly, a 5GHz frequency offers a greater number of non-overlapping channels to transfer the users’ internet signal. This means your business will experience less Wi-Fi interference in high-traffic environments and subsequently can work with greater efficiency when completing high bandwidth-requiring tasks. You may however choose a 2.4Ghz WLAN for legacy 2.4Ghz devices in your network; this Wi-Fi roaming between the access point has increased connection consistency when on the move. This is beneficial for those walking from one location to another location in the office to conduct a virtual client call; any connection loss in the new space could be detrimental to business/client relations and potentially lead to client loss.

    The cnPilot™ dual-band Wi-Fi systems can transmit both frequencies – individually or simultaneously – providing efficient connectivity speeds and greater performance for your business. The dual-band option is beneficial for businesses for large numbers of customers to access and improve the business reputation. Dual banding is expensive and should be considered if the benefits of greater connectivity outweigh the costs.

    Location Conditions

    Another factor to consider when choosing an efficient business Wi-Fi system is the location of your operations. Do you work entirely indoors or outdoors, or both? The cnPilot™ range offers an array of WLAN systems that are specifically tailored to different business environments.

    Indoor businesses may benefit from a wall mountable access point and therefore would be better to purchase the purpose-built cnPilot™ e425. However, for highly dense business environments like supermarkets, music events, or sporting stadiums, the cnPilot™ e502S/ XV2-2T1 system may be an effective choice as it is purpose-built to maintain high-traffic environments. The WLAN choice for an entirely outdoor business would instead require an access point designed to function efficiently within all weather conditions. A high-performance outdoor built access point like the cnPilot™ E510 is an effective choice for these conditions as it can operate effectively at temperatures between -40c and 65c, effectively protecting your wi-fi access through every season of the year.

    Data Control

    With the fast-changing environment potentially driving business success and growth, a vastly adaptable Wi-fi system will prove a pertinent choice. Creating or removing a cost to use the business Wi-fi should be easy to implement based on the company’s demands. Extensive control over network filters and traffic usage should also be available.

    The cnMaestro™ enterprise-class management system provides this through its simplified data management line. This allows a business to control all its cnPilot™ devices from a single window and respond to demand in Wi-fi traffic to optimise the connection levels for all customers and/or employees. For customer-centred businesses, the cnMaestro™ also provides an access control list that monitors the specific traffic data of when and how many individuals are connecting to the access point. Such functionality has limitless potential for a business and can be used to tailor day-to-day operations to times of greater traffic.


    As with any aspect of your business operation, when deciding upon a public Wi-Fi system you need to know that company files are secure and safe from the increasingly sophisticated capabilities of cybercriminals. The cnPilot™ range offers this security through its implementation of the WPA2 system, offering businesses a secure AESAdvanced Encryption Standard – instead of the more vulnerable TKIP – Temporal Key Integrity Protocol – that is the standard issue protection with other Wi-Fi systems.    

    To avoid data breaches or inappropriate use of your Wi-Fi system, a company should also expect complete control over who has access to public Wi-Fi, what websites they can and can’t view and how to differentiate bandwidth use between employees, customers, and/or guests. WAP producers such as Cambium Networks™ aim to solve these concerns through a company standard of 16 SSIDs. These provide the flexibility for businesses to broadcast a guest portal that customers can interact with.

    The Cambium guest portal first requires users to complete the authentication process. These can be configured with three authentication methods: token, SMS, and social media login. Token authentication can be generated through cnMaestro for individual or bulk users. This can be kept on a front desk and provided to guests when needed. SMS authentication requires the guest/user to self-register on the guest port by filling out required information like their name, email address and phone number. Once the guest submits the correct information, they will receive a one-time password to their phone through SMS gateway. This password can then be used to authenticate the individual to use the internet services. Social log-in works in much the same way, allowing the guest/user to access internet services by using their social media log-in details.

    Each of these guest portal authentication methods helps maintain security by providing an extra layer of protection to the network and its users. You can also configure client isolation speed and add a Wi-Fi use limit to maintain Wi-Fi stability.

    Hardware and supplier Reliability

    Choosing the most effective public Wi-Fi system is fundamental to the long-term success of a business. With online access expected by consumers and required by employees, choosing a network provider that can meet the demands of your business has never been more pivotal. By investing in a Cambium™ Network system within the cnPilot™ range, you will have access to a durable and quality WLAN that has been tailored to the needs and requirements of your industry.

    Minerva is a proud Cambium Networks partner and will tailor a solution for your Wi-Fi system needs. If you’re interested in the cnPilot™ range and how it can benefit your organisation, then get in touch with our team today.

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