Cloud4Wi Introduces Volare™, the First True Brand-Building Services Platform for Guest Wi-Fi

Cloud4Wi, recently announced a major boost for in-store mobile customer engagement using existing Wi-Fi networks. The Volare™ services platform enables retail chains, restaurant chains, and shopping malls to grow their brands by leveraging their guest Wi-Fi to provide superior on-site mobile experiences while gaining valuable customer insights.

“Volare represents a significant step forward for companies building their branded in-store mobile experience,” said Andrea Calcagno, Cloud4Wi CEO and co-founder. “Our extensive work with global brands has inspired substantial new customer engagement capabilities, and we’ve made it easier for IT and marketing to manage their business and operational requirements. Brands can now deliver guest Wi-Fi globally through our cloud platform, increasing both customer satisfaction and revenue in ways that were never before possible.”
Volare enables brands to offer their in-store customers a privileged mobile welcome experience and fast-tracks their connection to the Internet. The platform also helps brands build an opt-in lead database, learn more about in-store customer behavior, and meaningfully engage consumers on-site via their mobile devices.

 Guest Wi-Fi Taken to a New Level

Volare, which means “to fly” in Italian, is the new name for the Cloud4Wi’s service platform and introduces a host of new capabilities that further extend the company’s leadership position within this market. Some of these features include:

  • New Mobile App Integration – Brands with their own mobile apps can now easily integrate local wireless capabilities to facilitate app adoption and effectiveness. The Volare Dev Suite has new libraries so that mobile apps can use Volare login services or trigger a mobile engagement campaign using beacons.
  • Enhanced Targeting Capabilities – Brands can precisely filter the target of a real-time, in-store engagement campaign considering factors such as beacon-presence, demographic profiles, and location.
  • Expanded Developer Suite – Volare connects directly to marketing service platforms, like MailChimp. This builds on existing APIs that enable customers to integrate the platform with their marketing automation, CRM, and business intelligence systems, giving marketers a powerful toolset from which to create actionable insights.
  • Redesigned Management Interface – Volare makes it easy for IT, marketing, and channel partners to manage their own business and operational requirements. This multi-role and multi-level management ability empowers IT managers to delegate control with assigned policies and permissions. Brand owners can create a consistent look for their welcome portal across all locations, while allowing store managers to promote local offers. At the same time, IT can control guest Wi-Fi services and marketing can manage engagement tools.

Volare has an over-the-top architecture, allowing brands to standardize each customer’s mobile experience across all locations, regardless of the underlying Wi-Fi. Initially developed to meet carrier demands, Volare offers public and private cloud options and delivers the industry’s best scalability, reliability, and flexibility, along with comprehensive regulatory compliance on a global basis.

“We wanted each of our stores to have a common digital welcome experience worldwide,” said Claudio Montechiarini, Technology and Operation Director, Ermenegildo Zegna. “Cloud4Wi enables us to customize our welcome portals, while also giving us a powerful platform for analytics and business intelligence integration that will service our needs for years to come.”

While many brands initially deploy Volare as a custom welcome portal, the platform includes a large portfolio of customer engagement options. The marketing team can add various services from Volare on an a la carte basis, learn which programs are effective for their customers, and measure customer satisfaction and business revenue increases.

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