The Full Guide to Nomadix Networking Technology Solutions

Nomadix have long been industry leaders, especially for the hotel industry, in visitor-based network solutions and has evolved as a business to offer a comprehensive suite of managed Wi-Fi solutions now also for multi-dwelling unit space. Their unique selling point comes into the full solution package Nomadix can offer for myriad connectivity situations.

Nomadix full solution package includes everything from internet gateways and access switches right through to controllers and secure cloud management software.

Nomadix for hospitality

Hotel owners nowadays face huge pressure over ensuring guests are provided with super-fast connectivity across multiple devices. Nomadix has decades of experience in bandwidth management, Wi-Fi, and in-room connectivity solutions to ensure guests have a second-to-none experience and most importantly they can integrate their gateway with most of the PMS system.

Nomadix solutions for hospitality include:

  1. Nomadix Cloud

This provides guests with a seamless wireless experience while also making the management and support of the network simple and secure. The portfolio contains an integrated suite of tools that have been thoughtfully designed to be scaled from one to thousands of properties.

The Cloud portfolio includes a Guest HSIS portal, conference room scheduler, Nomadix service engine gateway, and management and reporting dashboards.

2. Nomadix Networks

An industry-leading end-to-end network solution for wired and wireless internet access. Nomadix offers an impressive portfolio of internet gateways as well as their complementary range of access points, WLAN controllers and LAN switches

3. Nomadix Casting

Offering the fastest casting solution in the industry, Nomadix casting solutions can offer your guests fast and secure streaming from their mobile devices onto in-room TVs.

Nomadix casting features include an automatic pairing of guest devices with a Nomadix Gateway, simplified authentication, contactless experience, support for content from over 2000 apps (including Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and Hulu)

Nomadix for MDU

Nomadix’s internet access solutions are suitable for varied requirements of multi-dwelling units from student housing to shopping malls and shared office space. With a more connected world than ever and residents using living spaces for work, remote education, and expectation of access to entertainment platforms, both property owners and tenants need fast and secure internet they can rely on.

Nomadix flexible solutions can ensure that you meet the unique access, security bandwidth control and network management for your specific property and environment. The two main solutions are:

  1. Managed Wi-Fi for MDUs

Nomadix managed Wi-Fi offers an easy-to-use control portal and dashboard to provision Wi-Fi at properties. The dashboards can offer audit logs, robust controls and activity monitoring.

A simple and intuitive portal is offered for property managers to oversee internet access for each tenant or unit with different service plans.

Tenants can expect the bandwidth plan they have paid for without risking slowing down neighbors connections. Through Nomadix’s secure network they can keep their data separate from others.

2. Bandwidth Management Gateways

Fast, quality internet access is more than ever a critical requirement for any venue. Many hotels and venues can receive negative reviews if the internet access experience is poor. Add into the mix the number of devices each guest or visitor expects to connect to, and a robust and reliable solution to internet connectivity is more important than ever.

Nomadix gateways are the perfect solution for this and with the flexibility and scalability, they can accommodate venues of all sizes from student housing through to football stadiums!

All Nomadix guest internet access solutions were designed to deliver a quality guest experience and utilise robust internet gateways for security.

Nomadix are a global leader in connectivity and facilitates over 5 million connections daily across the world with gateways installed in over 150 countries! If you’re looking for a connectivity solution for your business, then you can ensure reliability and a tailored solution for your requirements from Nomadix.

If you’re looking for an internet connectivity solution for your hotel or MDU, then get in touch with Minerva today who is a proud distributor of Nomadix Technologies and can help craft the perfect solution for your requirements.

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