Here’s Why Your Business Should Upgrade to A 5G Network

In a fast-paced world of ever-developing technological advancements, 5G is definitely the buzzword of the moment – with much excitement across the globe about the speed, innovation and progress that the use of 5G will bring with it.

Here at Minerva, we deliver business-critical technology solutions across market verticals from small commercial and private enterprises to large industrial and multinational operations. As industry experts, we are often asked about the benefits of 5G for business and wireless broadband for business, so here we use our broad sector experience to explain why your business should upgrade to a 5G network.

What Is Business 5G?

5G refers to the set of technologies and standards that make up the 5th Generation of digital cellular communications, just like 3G and 4G did before it. 5G is a trademark of the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), an organisation founded originally to standardise the third generation of cellular communications but has become the de facto standards organisation for the cellular communications industry.

What Does 5G For Business Offer?

The three main elements of business 5G are:

  1. Improved Speeds

The most obvious benefit of 5G is the increased speeds. 5G is significantly faster than 4G, reaching a groundbreaking, super-fast 10 gigabits per second, in contrast to 4G’s 100 megabits per second.

  • Lower Latency

5G offers far lower latency than 4G. This describes the amount of time it takes for data to pass from one place point on a network to another. Tech lags that are always a frustration both to domestic and business users are usually the result of high latency, often caused by overall congestion in the network and being too distant from the server.

  • Greater Capacity

Much of the excitement around 5G comes from the exponentially increased capacity that the innovation brings with it, with many comparing 4G to the output of a garden hose and 5G to the output of a major industrial water pipe.

In what ways will Business 5G positively affect operations and performance?

  1. Higher Quality Virtual Meetings and Calls with Improved Reliability

The past few years have changed the way we work and communicate – with the increase in remote working, and with many firms moving to a hybrid model for their staff going forward, virtual internal meetings have become the norm, and online meetings and calls with clients, bid presentations and other external communications have seen the world become a far smaller place thanks to technology. 5G offers unparalleled speed and connectivity, ensuring that however you communicate, and with whom, connections will be clear and stable, allowing virtual meetings and important business calls to be a tool of success rather than a source of frustration.

  • Increased Device Capability for Viewing and File Transfer

One of the most frustrating tech lags that hinders business efficiency is the inability for employees on the move, working remotely or working from individual devices in the office to consistently be able to view video and be able to carry out or access large data file transfer. 5G for business sweeps this aggravation away with its cutting-edge combination of speed, lower latency and capacity.

  • Increased Device Capacity for speedy and trouble-free access

As we all become far more reliant on technology, the sheer number of local devices connecting to the network has expanded greatly, and this is a trend that will only increase over time. Many networks, even at full 4G struggle to cope with the load demand and the result is the inefficiency of business operations. 5G for business, by way of contrast, offers a greatly increased capacity – meaning that no matter how many devices your business needs to connect there is always capacity available, also enabling the future-proofing of your ongoing device needs.

  • Innovation At Your Fingertips

Cutting-edge innovations like automation and AI are also set to benefit greatly from 5G enablement as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow. 5G will provide the platform needed to truly drive IoT connectivity, allowing even faster-paced tech developments – bringing forward opportunities to transform even traditional industries such as agriculture and conventional manufacturing.

How Do I Successfully Enable Business 5G For My Company Or Organisation?

We understand that connection and communication are king and queen when it comes to business effectiveness and efficiency, so we always advise consulting with expert tech support when moving across to 5G for business or when moving to or upgrading wireless broadband for business. In order to ensure a successful upgrade and to maximise the benefits of 5G, considerations will need to be made in the following areas:

  • Examining current network infrastructure
  • Identifying key areas of the business for investment
  • Balancing speed and connection with security

Trust Minerva To Deliver

Minerva is based in the hotbed of technological advancement and connectivity that is the UAE, famed in the region for our world-class smart cities and ranking third globally in the ‘Most Connected Countries’ index Proud of our technical heritage, we will use our decades of expertise to ensure your company is able to fully benefit from the all the advantages brought by adopting 5G and wireless broadband for business.

Having an excellent reputation for exceeding customer demands, we pride ourselves on working with world-renowned vendors such as Cambium Networks and Inseego.

We offer our clients leading products such as those from the Inseego Wavemaker indoor, outdoor and industrial gateway range and the Cambium Networks 28 GHx multi-Gigabit fixed wireless solution which allows operators to provide fibre speeds without the costs of installing a fibre infrastructure.

Here at Minerva, we provide superior customer service and technical support and continually develop and maintain long-term customer relationships. To discuss the range of 5G connectivity solutions available at Minerva and to find the perfect fit for your individual business needs, please get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team today.

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