How to choose the right power supply for your business?

Deciding on the most efficient, safe, and effective power supply for your business telecommunications can seem a daunting prospect. While efficient power use is an essential component of an effective running business, knowing the specifics of what to look for in a power supply can be tricky. There are several different factors in determining which power supply can maximise productivity and reduce overall costs for your organization.

Power Usage

The choice of power supply should first and foremost be tailored to the scale of your business and the amount of power required within day-to-day telecommunications.

This needs to be carefully balanced so the total voltage output of your power supply is enough for your business but doesn’t overextend in its application if the voltage is too high. Misapplication can not only cause your power supply to fail but can also damage your equipment. To choose the perfectly tailored power supply, we recommend vendors like Innovative Circuit Technology (ICT) which provides a wide range of solutions specifically tailored to the telecommunication power requirements of industrial businesses.

Consider a large and small industrial company. The larger company’s operations will have far greater requirements for telecommunications power. Therefore, the large business may consider a three-phase compatible power supply battery to increase the input AC voltage and allow for greater DC voltage output. For lower-scale business operations, however, the choice of a less powerful model would likely prove more cost-effective for their telecommunications.

Whether you run a small or large business, consider something like the Digital Series power supply.  This performance-driven model is an optimal choice as it’s available in various dc voltage outputs (12V 24V, and 48V). This allows the flexibility for businesses of different sizes and industries to use the power provision efficiency of the Digital Series and receive a power output tailored to their telecommunication needs.  

Power Supply Location

Another key deliberation when choosing the right business power supply should be the location in which your power supply is stored and how your choice is built for the specific environment.

For instance, operating in extremely warm temperatures can lead to extensive derating and loss of power efficiency. In these circumstances, you may want to consider a power supply that has a strong internal cooling fan.  Similarly, extreme cold, if not properly accommodated by the power supply, can increase the internal resistance of power flow and lower the power supply’s capacity.

If your business primarily operates outdoors in these conditions, it will be beneficial to consider a highly durable power supply like the Platinum Series. These have been tailor produced to accommodate telecommunications within the most extreme warm and cool environments. Another advantage of this model is that if your power supply does succumb to weather/temperature damage then there is a backup battery included that will ensure any business can continue to operate efficiently.    

You should also consider the space available to store your power supply. Is there enough space within your application to fit in the power supply? Does this leave room for a cooling fan if required? Not considering these sorts of issues can lead to fire hazards which is something that no organization wants.

Power Supply Efficiency

As with any aspect of company, a choice in power supply should be tailored to what provides the greatest cost efficiency for your business telecommunications. Choosing an inefficient power supply lowers the amount of usable power despite costing the same and will also be less environmentally friendly.

While no power supply will operate with 100% efficiency, there are features to look for that will make your telecommunications more efficient. The IntelliCharge series power supply is one example of a power supply built for efficient high performance. Its battery management system ensures that the required power and battery voltage outputs are not exceeded – and wasted – and that a consistent temperature is maintained. The series also offers power factor correction as standard. This removes as much wasted energy as possible and maximises the total usable power.

Power Supply Safety

While today’s power supplies are built and performance tested to meet company safety standards, organisations may have more unique or stringent power safety requirements than others. Innovative Circuit Technology power supplies however are not only tailored for specific industry safety guidelines but are certified by relevant industry safety regulators.

The platinum series of power supplies for instance are RoHS-certified, meaning they have been independently tested and certified as meeting the recognized ‘hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment’ regulations. Other power supplies like the Sine Wave Series 1500 are also a good safety choice as they offer complete remote monitoring. This means any safety issues can immediately be spotted wherever you are. Similarly, choosing a distribution panel to work hand in hand with your power supply will further ensure safety. These panels distribute a safe amount of power to each of your electrical circuits, providing greater control over your organization’s power usage.

Hardware and supplier Reliability

Choosing the most effective power supply is fundamental to the long-term success of any business telecommunications no matter how big or small. With the importance of efficient power access, choosing a power supply provider that can meet the application demands of your business has never been more pivotal. By investing in an Innovative Power Circuit power supply, you will have easy access to a high-quality, secure, safe, and durable solution that has been tailored to the needs and requirements of your industry. Minerva is a proud ICT partner and will tailor a solution for your business’s unique needs. If you’re interested in choosing a power supply and wondering how it can benefit your organisation, then get in touch with our team of experts today.

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