How to determine the best CCTV for your business

During the fast-paced day-to-day operations of an everyday business environment one key driver of success has continued to remain the same, the safety and security of employees, customers, and clients. While analogue CCTV cameras have traditionally been used across different industries, the increasing variability and versatility of digital IP surveillance technologies have enabled the possibility of business-tailored security systems.

As such, IP surveillance camera producers like Avigilon have continued to build and innovate upon the fundamentals of business security through their H5 camera range, providing a wide variety of options that are tailor-built to operate effectively within specific environments, conditions, locations, purposes, and more.

With this considered, here are some simple and effective tips for determining the most effective CCTV surveillance cameras and sensors for your business operations.

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Image Quality

A key factor in determining the most effective business CCTV system is the overall image quality. While a key part of having surveillance technology is prevention and deterring behaviour like theft and damage, there should be a clear surveillance image available to remove any ambiguities should live footage be required. This ensures that the process of determining a sequence of events is far smoother and simpler than it would otherwise be with a grainy image.

In this scenario, it is far more optimal for a business to utilise a digital IP-based camera range as opposed to an analogue. Because they transmit exclusively digital signals, IP cameras provide not only a far larger resolution and therefore clearer image, but also a clearer and more flexible video quality with an advanced wide and narrow field of view, as well as zoom capabilities.

This makes the H5A Camera Line IP range a perfect choice. Not only does it feature the image and sound qualities that one should expect from an effective surveillance system, but these cameras are also built with next-generation AI and video ACC™ 7 analytics for optimal performance. Such sophisticated features can determine and highlight important objects/elements of surveillance that you otherwise might have missed, allowing you to easily present the important information to security operators. Such AI-based surveillance technology also makes the H5A camera line an effective option for businesses seeking facial recognition security, or even looking to maintain security through Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) upon entering a business parking complex.     

Wide Coverage

For the majority of businesses, an effective CCTV security system should offer a wide range of coverage of the surrounding area. This is especially pertinent for large spaces and high-density environments like supermarkets, airports, and large construction sites. While this is something provided by general digital PTZ surveillance, these cameras often have a reputation for producing coverage of blind spots and facing the wrong way.

An alternative and effective solution to this issue is the H5A-PTZ Camera range. Unlike other PTZ cameras, the H5A range provides 360° surveillance capabilities with an 8 MP resolution and up to 36 times zoom, providing the clearest of images within mission-critical and high-density environments. These cameras are also built with innovative Avigilon video analytics capabilities that can easily detect, monitor, and alert to any unusual activity and potential security threats. Additionally, H5A-PTZ cameras are ONVIF® COMPLIANT. This means they can be easily paired with other Avigilon – and even third-party – cameras to provide a reinforced level of surveillance and mitigate potential concerns over coverage blind spots. This allows you to easily monitor mission-critical and high-density environments without complication.    

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Location & Environment

With such a wide range of IP cameras to choose from, the best CCTV surveillance is largely dependent on the specific requirements of your business.

For instance, in potentially high damage, large volume environments like schools’ hospitals and prisons, vandal-resistant durability and a clear field of view are key. As such, FIPS-compliant camera systems like the Avigilon H5A Corner Cameras would provide the best results. This is in part due to the anti-ligature and no-grip purpose-built design that can withstand severe attempts to destroy, detach, or disable it.

Alternatively, Businesses that primarily operate outdoors in industries such as agriculture and oil and gas require cameras that are specifically built for durability within all types of weather and lighting conditions. Similarly, industries like manufacturing potentially operate within hazardous and dangerous conditions. This means that, unlike office-based operations, the best security system choice must be specifically built for uninterrupted surveillance within this environment. 

For the best surveillance within these more volatile and unpredictable environments, cameras like the H5A explosion-protection range make the perfect CCTV choice. Unlike other products in the H5A range, these cameras are built with heavy-duty explosion protection and are internationally certified by the EAC EX (Russia), UL (United States), IECEx (international) and ATEX (Europe) for effective operation within potentially hazardous locations. In addition to operating within these volatile environments, the cameras can also continue to operate within extreme temperatures as well as provide around-the-clock surveillance within the lowest of light settings thanks to the innovative LightCatcher™ Technology.

Reliability & Simplicity

With around 25 million CCTV cameras in operation globally, choosing a reliable and accessible security system is slowly becoming fundamental to the long-term protection of a business.

With the evolving business landscape requiring fast and instant surveillance connectivity, Avigilon products present an excellent solution. For businesses looking for high-quality, reliable, and innovative video surveillance solutions to enhance their business security, Avigilon products are award-winning and installed in over 120 countries worldwide. This includes schools, stadiums, retail units and more. As a Motorola Solutions subsidiary, they additionally offer quality and reliability with specialised design and manufacturing innovation.

Minerva is a proud Avigilon and Motorola Solutions partner and will tailor a solution for your business’s surveillance camera requirements. If you’re interested in our surveillance camera ranges and how they can benefit your organisation’s security, then get in touch with our team today.

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