Minerva and Benu Networks’ Partnership Agreement

DUBAI, UAE. – August 2021 – Minerva has signed a partnership agreement with Benu Networks. Minerva is pleased to announce this partnership and share further details and specifics regarding the agreement.

Minerva’s CEO, Alexander Allen, announced the partnership this month. Allen stated that “Minerva is excited to announce a partnership with Benu Networks for the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, and Afghanistan region. This partnership will allow us to expand our reach to both existing and new customers with Benu’s best in class products, and particularly for our Wireless customers, Benu’s excellent Wireless Access Gateway.”

“Benu Networks innovative, high-quality products are vendor agnostic and focused on the Edge Network, whether that’s for legacy networks, a path to 5G or a new deployment.”

About Benu Networks

Founded in 2010, Benu Networks are a leading software provider, born from the need to improve the efficiency and innovation of new wireless broadband technologies. Prioritising smooth and successful widespread AR, VR and wireless broadband functionality, Benu Networks’ product portfolio spans a wide range of innovative solutions to improve connectivity everywhere.

Benu Networks’ Wi-Fi Access Gateway (WAG) and Trusted Wi-Fi Access Gateway provides a stable foundation for businesses that enable flexibility, scalability, and high-quality performance to always ensure a seamless user experience. The Benu Networks’ Virtual Broadband Network Gateway builds upon these capabilities, providing subscribers with the ability to manage and scale in real-time with sophisticated management and functionality systems.

About Minerva

Minerva is a global distributor of unified communication products, with a product portfolio spanning Two-Way Radio, TETRA Radio, Wireless Broadband, Point to Multi-Point and LTE products, as well as power solutions.  Minerva solutions offer a comprehensive range of services including project design and consultancy, site surveys, project commissioning, technical training, and pre- and post-sales support.

The Minerva head office is located in Dubai, UAE, featuring the regional logistics hub from which Minerva serves the growing demand of the Sub Saharan Africa, North Africa, GCC, Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan markets. From here, the Minerva team provide a wide scope of industry and product expertise to assist in the design and delivery of solutions across our full product range. Visit:

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