How Motorola XT420 improved communication at Expo 2020, Dubai

Running from October to March 2022, Expo 2020 Dubai was a World Expo hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was the first-ever World Expo in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) regions.

For six months, Dubai brought together over 200 nations to connect, learn, and present to the world their best ideas, projects and innovation. Dubai expo attracted over 24 million people from all over the world.

Expo 2020 Communication Challenges

Based on pavilions which were split by country, showcasing innovations and projects, this enormous stage required a robust, and reliable communications solution to help staff and pavilions communicate during this event. The vast expanse of Expo 2020 made face-to-face contact between staff members, technical and security in different locations difficult which is where Motorola’s two-way radios were able to play an important role in allowing teams to communicate effectively throughout the showcase.

Communication Solution

Minerva provided Motorola XT420 radios to a number of pavilions at Expo 2020 to address this challenge. Since this was a temporary event and not a permanent radio deployment we preferred to go with unlicensed radios and choosing XT420 was a no-brainer. Rugged and compact design, exceptional audio quality, ability to add privacy code to make the communication private, customizable channel announcement, time out timer, it offered most of the features a radio system should offer. With crisp audio throughout and exceptional durability, the XT420 delivered great performance even with hard use in high noise, and harsh conditions such as when events or music were showcased during the event. Motorola XT420 provided the right credentials for several Pavilions so they could benefit from clear, reliable communication throughout the event.

Husein Katib who is Minerva’s Business Development Manager and leading the supply of Motorola Unlicensed radios said “It was an excellent platform to show just how versatile and reliable the Motorola XT420 radios were. Minerva successfully provided multiple pavilions with reliable and clear communication throughout the Expo.

One of the challenges with finding a radio solution for such an event was that due to the different pavilions sometimes operating on the same unlicensed frequency you may find that someone else is transmitting on one or more of the 16 channels. Since the XT420 has 219 sub-codes on each channel, we were successfully able to allocate different sub-codes for each pavilion so that they could communicate without any interference from neighbouring pavilions.”

The XT420 has many key features making it a suitable solution for many communication problems. The main features include enhanced audio quality with a 1500 mW speaker, military specifications for sealing against harsh conditions such as dust and wind, two programmable buttons to allow quick access to functions, customizable channel announcements, and voice-activated transmission for hands-free operation and extra levels of privacy with voice scrambling.

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