Introducing Motorola Solutions’ New MOTOTRBO Ion Rugged Commercial Smart Radio

Just one month into 2021 and Motorola are already making waves (radio that is), with their new business-ready device: MOTOTRBO Ion. This exciting launch combines Motorola’s reliable PTT performance, an open app ecosystem on the Android platform, with access to their unified technology ecosystem inclusive of top-class video and network security. But what makes this device so unique is it’s ‘Always On’ feature. Let’s take a deeper dive and discover what Motorola’s first rugged commercial smart radio has to offer.

Always On

As intriguing as it sounds it really is what it says on the tin, whilst many current devices on the market enable access to either voice or broadband data, the MOTOTRBO Ion offers both capabilities simultaneously. This allows work teams to stay connected at all times across networks and devices, making daily practice much more seamless, simple and productive. IP68 tested, exceptionally durable with ultra-rugged touch screen, the MOTOTRBO Ion is built for any working environment, whilst also providing industry-leading audio, seamless device management and fast set-up & updates. In case you were still unsure about the ‘Always On’ feature lets drill down further.

Apps Are On

With the MOTOTRBO Ion, the apps needed to efficiently run your enterprise are always on, including barcode scanning and ticketing. Such capabilities mean your team can continuously collaborate and search all from the palm of their hand. But Motorola did not stop there, access to Motorola’s unified technology ecosystem allows you to up the anti when it comes to smart intelligence capabilities with apps such as virtual assistants and location systems.

Dependability Is On

Functionality is key when it comes to the MOTOTRBO Ion, to be able to use it in moments that matter is essential. Rugged touchscreen & impact resilience, combined with long battery life, all-new antenna design and top-quality audio means dependability is always on.

Connectivity Is On

As mentioned previously the simultaneous use of both broadband data and audio features make the MOTOTRBO Ion the ultimate communicative device. Venturing beyond the reach of your radio coverage prompts the Auto Network Switch feature to connect you to broadband for constant and unwavering connectivity. Utilising Wave PTX for full network interoperability combined with DMR compatibility, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the feeling of disconnect is a distant memory.

Uptime Is On

The MOTOTRBO Ion boasts cloud-based configuration, remote updates and real-time device monitoring for efficient deployment with minimal touch and downtime. This allows more task-time for the workforce and less device management for your IT team – a win-win situation.

Security Is On

Connectivity without the threat of cyber-attacks is crucial for communicating in business-critical situations. Real-time threat monitoring combined with multiple security layers, minimises such threats whilst maximising data and app use. Not only does this high level of device and network security ensure data security across private networks but also public networks for ultimate communication confidence.

If it wasn’t clear enough already Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Ion Rugged Commercial Smart Radio has an abundance of intuitive features enabling you, your team and it’s business practices to be efficient, effective and ‘Always On’.

Read more and download the MOTOTRBO Ion data sheet & brochure.

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