MotoTRBO Software Release 2.7 (R2.7.1)

This latest software release for MOTOTRBO is now available to download from MOL. The new release includes software upgrade packages for all currently shipping MOTOTRBO portables, mobiles and repeaters, plus new versions of Radio Management, CPS, Air Tracer, Tuner, device drivers and services and RDAC, all of which will be downloadable from MOL. Release 2.7.1 adds several new features and enhancements, including:

– Capacity Max Features and Enhancements

  • Support for 250 Sites: the maximum number of RF sites supported in a Capacity Max system has been increased from 15 to 250
  • Advanced Trunk Controller Redundancy: the maximum number of redundant trunk controllers has been increased from one to four and the number of supported System Advisor servers has been increased to five
  • Redundant Data Gateway Support: allows redundant third party applications to be deployed on separate Windows servers (when supported by the application)
  • Voice and Radio Command (VRC) Gateway and Data Gateway Expansion: the Capacity Max system will now support up to 15 VRC Gateways (plus an additional 15 redundant VRC Gateways) and 15 Data Gateways (plus an additional 15 redundant Data Gateways)
  • System Wide All Call and Multiple Multi-Site All Call: Capacity Max will support site all-call, multi-site all-call and system-wide all-call. In addition, the maximum number of multi-site all-call groups has been increased to 128
  • Priority Monitor: allows a radio currently receiving a Talkgroup call to join a higher priority Talkgroup call
  • Status Call: user can send a short status message without allocating a traffic channel (unlike text messaging)
  • Multi Talkgroup Affiliation: allows a user to affiliate up to seven talkgroups, thereby increasing the probability of receiving a TG scan call
  • Centralised Distribution Sites: means customers will be able to accommodate a Capacity Max site that may not meet the minimum IP bandwidth requirements
  • Radio Kill and Wireless Console Initiated Stun/Revive: allows system operators to remotely kill or stun/revive radios on their network

– Other Features and Enhancements

  • Extended Range Direct Mode: extends the range of direct mode subscribers by enabling SLR 5000 and SLR 8000 repeaters to receive and transmit on the same frequency, but different time slots
  • Restricted Access To System as Standard (RAS): improves security for radio systems by enabling RAS by default
  • Received Audio Levelling: works to normalise all received audio to a target value
  • Mute Mode: provides a quick way for a user to mute the radio, either via a programmable button or by placing the radio face down (radios with an integrated accelerometer only).
  • Option to use Fixed Privacy Key Decryption: configures the radio to use only a single key for
    decryption (versus a keylist)
  • Indoor Location On: turning Indoor Location on now also turns Bluetooth on. Additionally, the Indoor Location option can be removed from the radio menu to prevent the user from disabling the feature

There are several more enhancements in R2.7 – for more information, click on the links below:

MOTOTRBO 2.X Release Notes on MOL

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