AG 5600 (EOL) End of Life Notice Reminder

The AG 5600 End of Sale (EOS) and final shipments occurred in October 2012 and the scheduled End of Life (EOL) date is December 31, 2016.

Please consider the following AG 5600 end of life dates:

– Final date to purchase add on software module options is December 31, 2016
– Final Date to purchase user count upgrades is December 31, 2016
– Final Date to obtain hardware replacement or software upgrades is December 31, 2016

Nomadix will continue to offer availability of annual software license, warranty and support for AG 5600 necessary to maintain use of the NSE software. The License, warranty and support will continue to entitle access to software upgrades and hardware replacement through the end of life date of December 31, 2016.

Licensed use beyond the End of Life date, December 31, 2016, will continue to include technical support on a best effort basis with 24/7 web and call center access, excluding software upgrades or hardware replacement.

Why Upgrade?

We encourage your consideration of the next generation Access Gateway, the AG 5900 with improved hardware throughput performance. Any unused AG 5600 software license value may be transferred to an AG 5900.

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