DAS, Co-axial Cable, Passive RF devices and Accessories

  • SiteExpress™

    A pre-configured and tested SiteExpress™ is built with market-leading, field tested and proven wireless infrastructure solutions.

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  • HTTA Solutions

    Optimize base station operations with HYBRIFLEX™

    Upgrading technology, reducing operating expenditures (OPEX) and decreasing CO2 emissions at cellular sites are constant challenges for operators around the globe.

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  • Wireless

    In emerging markets, operators must accommodate rapid subscriber growth, by ensuring high-speed deployment of the network.

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  • Mobile Radio

    Communications mobility is having its impact on the stalwart of the wireless communications sector – land or public mobile radio (LMR/PMR).

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  • Microwave

    The massive demand for fast and reliable communications is straining infrastructures the world over.

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  • Ferrite Devices

    Isolators / Circulators
    RFS Ferrocom proudly offers the marketplace a broad range of ferrite devices which are unequaled in performance, quality and reliability.

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  • Indoor

    Radio Frequency Systems positions itself as the telecommunications partner of the transportation industry featuring field-proven innovations spanning in-tunnel, in-building, and outdoor wireless coverage solutions for the transportation market, including turnkey solutions for optimized communications.

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  • HF Defense Systems

    For decades, high-frequency (HF) systems have provided the communications hotline for defense forces and civilian groups around the world.

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