Wireless MESH

A wireless mesh network is a communications network created through the connection of wireless radio nodes organised in a mesh topology. Wireless mesh networking allows people living in rural areas to connect their networks together.

  • BC|Commander

    BC|Commander is Rajant’s feature-rich monitoring and management application for wireless mesh networks built with Rajant BreadCrumb wireless devices.

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  • BC|Enterprise

    Together BC|Enterprise and BC|Commander® offer a comprehensive monitoring and management solution for your Kinetic Mesh® network, providing both historical and real-time information for efficient network diagnostics and troubleshooting.

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  • BreadCrumb® DX2

    The DX2 is Rajant’s smallest and lightest BreadCrumb, forming a mesh network when used in conjunction with other BreadCrumb systems.

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  • BreadCrumb® ES1

    The BreadCrumb ES1 is an IP67 Kinetic Mesh network device intended for use in IIoT applications and light-duty vehicles.

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  • BreadCrumb® JR3

    The Rajant BreadCrumb JR3 is a wireless device that forms a mesh network when used in conjunction with other BreadCrumb systems.

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  • BreadCrumb® KM3

    The BreadCrumb® KM3 is a non-ruggedized version of Rajant’s ME4 which is intended for deployment inside pre-existing outdoor NEMA enclosures.

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  • BreadCrumb® LX5

    The BreadCrumb LX5 is Rajant’s premier BreadCrumb solution and is recommended for building and expanding core mesh infrastructures.

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  • BreadCrumb® ME4

    The BreadCrumb ME4 is a mid-level BreadCrumb solution and is an ideal alternative for adding wireless infrastructure and mobile nodes into existing network.

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  • SlipStream

    The Rajant SlipStream is a wired BreadCrumb® that provides a high-throughput interface between your wired network and your Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network.

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  • HOTPOINT 5000

    HotPoint 5000 Wireless Access Point – A modular access solution for large scale, indoor and outdoor wireless mesh networks; full network integration while permitting independent physical placement provides optimal accessibility for Wi-Fi clients.

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  • HOTPORT 5020

    HotPort 5020 brings cost-effective reliable connectivity solutions to the edge of Firetide’s core wireless infrastructure portfolio.

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  • HOTPORT 7000

    A cost-effective, viable alternative to fiber and the key to creating the fastest, most reliable and secure private wireless broadband network.

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    HotView Pro provides centralized management and control of single or multiple Firetide networks with an intuitive web based user interface.

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    FMC 2000—Maintain network connectivity while traveling at speeds up to 100 mph across multiple
    HotPort® mesh networks and IP domains.

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