Lead Crystal Batteries

Lead Crystal® batteries can be used in all applications where Lead Acid, Gel or AGM batteries are used due to their form, fit and function design. However there are some applications where the excellent features of Lead Crystal® batteries are far superior compared to conventional batteries.

Range of 2V Batteries

CNFJ-100                           CNFJ-600                         CNFJ-2000
CNFJ-200                           CNFJ-800                         CNFJ-2200
CNFJ-300                           CNFJ-900                         CNFJ-3000
CNFJ-400                           CNFJ-1000
CNFJ-500                           CNFJ-1200
CNFJ-550                           CNFJ-1500

Note: CNFJ-XXXX,  XXXX represents the rating of the battery in AH (Amp Hours)