cnWave V5000 60GHz

cnWave V5000 60GHz operates seamlessly with Cambium Network’s cnMaestro cloud-based management system. This gigabit-fixed wireless access point features channel-bonding capabilities that enable clear network deployments of up to 15Gbps. The model is designed to ensure an easy installation process, with easy operation at the forefront of the design. The model encorporates auto-expansion and auto-healing technologies that are built with mesh support, with both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configuration options.

The cloud-based software integration allows for autonomous or on-site control, providing cost-efficient and reliable solutions for wireless connectivity. This positions the model as a perfect solution for businesses, as well as built-up and urban environments in real time, providing the ability to optimise the system, boost throughput and react to the communicative needs of businesses and customers everywhere instantly.