EtherHaul™ Hundred Series

The EtherHaul™ Hundred Series are V-Band and E-Band PtP radios that are lightweight and compact in size, making them ideal for street-level deployments, such as wireless video security, Public Wi-Fi Hot Spot backhaul, and Intelligent Transportation System infrastructure.

Main Features

• Small size ideal for street-level deployment
• Hitless adaptive modulation 125/250/500MHz up to QAM64
• Integrated antenna and 3x Gigabit switch with dual PoE-Out
• AES 128-bit and 256-bit encryption
• Fully configurable layer 2 services
• MEFcompliant QoS, shaping and policing
• One-click configuration of local and remote units via intuitive web GUI

Siklu Communications

Siklu Communications are an industry-leading scalable technology organisation which builds and develops multi-gigabit capacity wireless networks for businesses all over the globe. From affordable products to flexible solutions, Siklu Communications ensures that wireless broadband is accessible to improve unified communications successfully and efficiently.