LAN Switches

For all network users, IoT devices, and key services, the Nomadix LAN Switch series provides a simple but reliable base. This product range from Nomadix is designed to provide unmatched performance, security, and energy efficiency at an unbeatable cost.

With a mix of fibre and copper port configurations, these non-blocking wire-speed controlled switches meet most connectivity needs. They provide business continuity even in adverse conditions such as power outages, excessive humidity, dust, or corrosion. Due to their small depth, two of the devices can fit into narrow 19″ cabinets if space is a concern.

Nomadix LAN switch solutions include a wide range of hardware and software capabilities, resulting in carrier-grade resilience with the main time between failure (MTBF) of over 30 years and protection against a variety of probable failures or malicious assaults. They may be controlled remotely using a Command Line Interface (CLI). Because of the straightforward standards-based controls and management, onboarding is quick.

What devices can LAN switches support?

LAN Switches are the perfect fit to support PoE/PoE+HPoE devices such as WLAN access points, IP phones, CCTV cameras, in room-technology and more. Their advanced technology allows for different modes to help save on power and cost. For example, they can automatically turn down ports when not in use.

What hardware is available?

Nomadix LAN Switches come in 3 hardware specifications:

  • 24 port managed access switch
  • 48 port managed access switch
  • 20 port managed aggregation switch

What is a LAN switch used for?

LAN switches are specific switches that provide a distinct connection for each node (a network connection point such as a computer) in a business’s internal network. They essentially make a group of instant networks that have only the two devices communicating in a clear, consistent way with one another at any given moment.