EtherHaul™ Kilo Series

The EtherHaul™ Kilo Series are E-Band Point-To-Point (PtP) products with up to 10Gbps capacity. These are typically deployed on towers and rooftops due to their scalability.

EtherHaul™ Kilo Series, like the V band or 60GHz products, supports wide frequency agility in the 70/80GHz bands and extremely narrow beams, resulting in nearly unlimited spectrum for dense EtherHaulTM radio deployments.

Main Features

• 71-76/81-86GHz E-band
• Highest system gain in the market = farthest range
• One-click configuration of local & remote units via intuitive web GUI
• Embedded CLI, SNMPv2/3
• Fully configurable layer 2 services
• MEF compliant QoS, shaping and policing
• Sync-E and 1588v2 BC synchronization*
• OAM (IEEE 802.3ah and 802.1ag)*
• AES 128-bit and 256-bit encryption
• Field proven 90 years MTBF

Siklu Communications

Founded in 2008, Siklu Communications aims to develop and build industry-leading mmWave wireless connectivity for successful unified communications. Explore Siklu Communication’s products at Minerva and talk to one of our customer service experts for more information.