Traction Batteries – Lithium Like Performance 6V, 8V & 12V

The EVFJ range of cyclic batteries differs from the CNFJ range of batteries as it is designed specifically for demanding start/stop applications which at turn-on require a higher peak current and a faster discharge referred to as Motive Power.

With a high Ampere-hour (Ah) capacity and capable of operating in environments where the batteries need to withstand varying temperatures, shocks and vibrations the Lead Crystal® traction battery is often used in applications which require daily use so require a faster charging rate in order to regain power quickly.

The EVFJ range of batteries can be considered for most DC motor loads (high current/peaks i.e. passenger lifts) and has the same chemical make-up as the CNFJ range, therefore the higher cyclic features and hotter temperature operations plus longer service life are still applicable.

EVFJ Light Traction Range

 12 Volt                                  8 Volt                             6 Volt

6-EVFJ-27                               4-EVFJ-135                      3-EVFJ-180
6-EVFJ-32                               4-EVFJ-150                      3-EVFJ-210
6-EVFJ-40                                                                         3-EVFJ-265