PTP 450 900 MHz

Cambium Networks is pleased to announce the introduction of the PTP 450 900 MHz products.

The Cambium Networks PTP 450 900 MHz provides excellent near- and non-Line-of-Sight penetration, especially well-suited to the needs of rural broadband deployments, SCADA and sensor data backhaul, and even video surveillance applications. The PTP 450 900 MHz solution is based on the reliable industry-proven Cambium Networks 450 and 450i platforms.

Key features of PTP 450 900 MHz include:
• Excellent near- and non-Line-of-Sight propagation
• Up to 130 Mbps capacity in a 20 MHz channel
• Flexible channel selections of 5, 7, 10, and 20 MHz
• Low power consumption and small form factor
• Available in Cambium Networks LINKPlanner for simple, accurate planning of capacity and availability.

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