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  1. Who Are Motorola Solutions?

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    Motorola Solutions is technology company which was created when Motorola split and launched it’s new sub division for Motorola Mobility in 2011. The Solutions sub-brand of the company centers around connecting teams so that they have all the information they need at critical moments and has a $30 billion market capitalization!

    What products do Motorola Solutions offer?

    Motorola Solutions core focuses on providing all aspect of security for both people and assets. They have an extensive two-way radio portfolio with solutions ranging: ASTRO 25 (P25), TETRA, MOTOTRBO (DMR), licensed two-way radios, unlicenced two-way radios and consumer walkie-talkies.

    Outside of this, their portfolio also covers other communication equipment and data communications including:

    • Command Centre Software Suite
    • Public Safety LTE
    • Video Security & Management Software
    • Body work cameras
    • CCTV Cameras (under the Aviligon sub-brand)

    Motorola’s History

    Motorola solutions has a long history of providing engineering innovation. Originally a battery eliminator manufacturer, they then went on to design and build car radios and radios for police and military use. Motorola Solutions radios were used extensively by the US army in world war 2.

    After world war 2, Motorola solutions moved in to transistor and television manufacturing. Motorola Solutions then progressed to mass radio communication developing car telephones, cellular radios and communications for NASA (Neil Armstrong’s famous words spoken during the moon landing were transmitted using a Motorola device).

    Authorized vendors

    The main company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois however Motorola Solutions sells it’s portfolio of products through an authorised distribution channel of Motorola vendors. At Minerva, we are a trusted partner of Motorola Solutions and can help advise and implement their communication solutions software across all industries across the MEA region.

    If you have a query on how two-way radio or data communications solutions could help your business then get in touch with one of our technical experts today.

  2. Is UHF or VHF Better?

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    The UHF vs VHF two-way radio decision depends heavily on your requirements. If your requirement is to cover large areas, VHF will be the better option but if the topography is urban then generally the UHF option is more suitable.

    Before picking a solution it’s best to understand the different between these two radio options.

    VHF Definition

    VHF stands for very high frequency. The frequency range of VHF is 30MHz to 300MHz, however, Motorola radios operate in the 136 – 174Mhz sub-band. VHF waves are longer than UHF enabling them to travel further. The main disadvantage of longer wavelengths is their inability to penetrate structures like buildings.

    UHF Definition

    UHF stands for Ultra high frequency. The frequency range of UHF is 300Mhz to 3 GHz, however, Motorola radios operate in 350-480 MHz or 400-527 MHz. UHF waves are shorter which means they cannot travel as far as VHF however they are better at penetrating buildings than VHF.

    VHF vs UHF:

    Most urban projects are UHF as the topography is more urban and better suited to this option. Police, law enforcement agencies, and civic bodies for example use UHF.

    If there is a clear line of sight and a large coverage area, VHF will be the preferred solution. VHF is primarily used in marine radios due to the lack of mountains and hills on water.

    Another consideration is the size of the infrastructure. Lower frequencies require longer antennas, which means, VHF antennas will be bulky in size whereas UHF antennas are smaller and more adaptable – especially if on the move!

    Can’t decide which one is better for you? Contact our support team for assistance, and we will be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution.

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