Unified Communication in Hospitality

When it comes to delivering a great guest experience, there are multiple factors which you must consider, and one of them is Unified Communications. Unified Communication can greatly increase productivity of your work force and provide first class service to the guests.
In this post, we are going to discuss how Unified Communication can help you provide first class service.
1. Features: With advanced features like Conference Pro, Extension routing, Fax Pro, it is a lot easier to maintain your day to day task. You can even set up IVR to greet your customers and automate tasks to save time and money.
2. Streamline the process: With Unified Communication you can manage all the communications (whether its email, phone calls, instant messaging or FAX) in a single screen. Instead of switching between multiple different apps, Unified Communications allows you to maintain everything in one place. All of these features streamline your hospitality business, and boost productivity.
3. Recording of calls: If you are using analogue phones, you know how difficult it is to record calls. But with our Unified Communication system, you can record voice with a single click. This is a great feature for customer satisfaction, as well as evaluation of your workforce.
4. No more phone wiring: Yes, you read that right. You no longer need to run phone cables. Unified Communications uses your existing LAN setup, so deployment is easy and quick. This saves additional cost and more importantly your precious time.
5. Quick and easy deployment: Our solution is quick and easy to deploy. Quick start installation wizard and easy to use graphic user interface makes it super easy to deploy the system, even for a non -technical person. With the help of Sangoma’s redirection server and end point manager, phone installation time is reduced by a factor of 10. Plug your phone in the network and enjoy zero touch provisioning.
6. BYOD Advantage: You no longer need to invest in telephone sets. Hotel managers and support staff can use their personal gadgets to access the PBX features. For example, Hotel Managers already have their own laptop. You can install soft phone to it which enables them to make and receive phone calls. You can also integrate it with your “Skype for Business”. With Unified Communication, productivity is not limited to the desktop/laptops, you can take advantage of the mobile boom.
7. Legacy Support: Do you have analog phones, FAX and other services? You can easily integrate it with Unified Communications. Simply add any of our analog gateways and you are good to go. Gateway will take care of all the hard work needed.
8. Integrate with your CRM: Yes, you can connect the IPPBX to your CRM. This will allow you to push call history and caller information to your CRM. Click on any number within your CRM to call, with the help of Zulu.
Minerva Technologies have the products and the team to help you with your migration to Unified Communication. With a complete list of Unified Communication products including IPPBX, SBC, Analog/Digital Gateways from Sangoma and professional telecom headsets from JPL Telecom, Minerva can deliver a complete end to end solution.
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