Founded over twenty-years ago in 1999, BridgeWave wireless communications are a market-leader in the world of wireless connectivity, aiming to create high-quality, reliable and cost-effective wireless solutions for a range of industries, companies and communities.

Through the acquisition of industry-leaders such as RMEC Broadband Wireless Networks in 2014, and subsequently a further partnership with the prestigious Moseley Associates Group, BridgeWave Communications has grown from strength-to-strength. The acquisition of these knowledgeable partners, investment in leading wireless technology and knowledgeable teams, BridgeWave has cemented themselves as an industry giant in the field of wireless communications.

With the company’s forward-thinking expertise, modern technologies, and in-house design, BridgeWave continues to provide highly efficient wireless technology across the world, to a range of communities, including:

  • Mobile Services
  • Carriers
  • Governmental Bodies
  • Education Services 
  • Military Organisations 
  • Municipalities
  • Service Providers 

Why Choose BridgeWave Communications and Minerva?

  • Low Cost
  • Ease Of Use
  • Decades Of Experience
  • Global Scalability 

BridgeWave’s product portfolio available here at Minerva includes:

  • Flex4G-10000

    The Flex4G-10000 is an E-band (70/80GHz) millimeter wave system that delivers up to 9.7Gbps capacity, 256 bit AES encryption for highest data security

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  • Navigator

    6 – 42 GHz All Outdoor Microwave Point-to-Point Wireless Links With a capacity of up to 2.75GBPS per radio using two sub-carriers and no compres

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  • Flex4G – LITE (ETSI)

    Spectrum-Efficient 3Gbps Link The BridgeWave Flex4G-Lite (ANSI) is an all outdoor, IP radio systemoprating in the 71-86Ghz frequency band with capacit

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  • Flex4G-3000

    80 GHz Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, CPRI, and SONET/SDH Wireless Backhaul for 4G/LTE Networks As mobile data consumption increases exponentially, operators

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  • BW64 / BW64E

    60 GHz Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Backhaul. BridgeWave’s BW64 and BW64E combines high-performance, simplicity and flexibility in an all-outdoor 60 GH

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  • Flex4G-UHA

    Ultra High Availability Wireless Backhaul Solutions for 4G/LTE Networks. BridgeWave’s innovative Flex4G-UHA has been designed to alleviate the strai

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  • FlexPort® μWave

    Ultra High Capacity Microwave Links for High Bandwidth Applications The FlexPort μWave family of microwave radio systems has been designed specifical

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  • EtherFlex

    6 – 38 GHz All-Outdoor Microwave Point-to-Point Wireless Links With a base capacity of 100 Mbps full-duplex, EtherFlex provides higher initial c

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Customer Service

Having an excellent reputation for exceeding customer demands we pride ourselves on class leading products from world renowned vendors. Minerva has all the skill sets to help partners grow their business. Being active since 2003, we have the technical expertise in house to assist in the design and delivery of two-way radio, wireless broadband and unified communication products and solutions.

Minerva, PO Box 336930, Office 805, 8th Floor, Swiss Tower,
Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE