In telecommunications, backhaul links are vital for successful communications. Point to point, also referred to as PTP, is a wireless communications topology that relates to fixed wireless data communications between two sites.

PTP refers to a private data connection connecting two sites to ensure secure private data communication.

PTP enables one location to connect to another location providing interconnectivity and is the most popular approach for wireless communications between two locations where more traditional connectivity methods are impractical. Cambium Network’s PTP solutions facilitate successful connections at long distances, ensuring reliable and fast communications for highly demanding network users.

Cambium Network’s PTP solutions have been awarded best-in-class real-world performance, offering significant OPEX and CAPEX savings when compared to legacy non-wireless interconnectivity methods as well as significantly quicker implementation. These connections can facilitate the communication of voice, video, data and internet connections.

Point-to-point products at Minerva include models such as PTP 820E,PTP850E, PTP 450B, PTP450i,  PTP 550E and PTP 670.

  • PTP 670

    Now with the Point-to-Point (PTP) 670 Series solution, Cambium Networks combines best-in- class spectral efficiency and reliability with high-capacity

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  • PTP 550

    The PTP 550 is Cambium Networks’ latest Point to Point Gigabit throughput solution based on 802.11 ac Wave 2 operating in 5 GHz wireless space,

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  • PTP 450b

    Cambium Networks 450 platform increases performance with the addition of the 450b Subscriber and Backhaul Module. The PTP 450b supports up to 300 Mbps

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  • PTP 820E

    PTP 820E support multiband configurations with PTP 820C or PTP 820S and shares a single multiband antenna. Multiband configuration enables operators t

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  • cnWave 60 GHz V2000

    With a significantly lower TCO than fiber infrastructure, Cambium Networks’ cnWave 60 GHz solution offers simple, quick, and affordable wireless

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  • PTP 700 Connectorized

    PTP 700 is a Point-to-Point wireless broadband solution. PTP 700 with external connectors for antennas. Includes 4.4 GHz to 5.9 GHz radio compatible w

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  • PTP 650L

    PTP 650L is a backhaul solution supporting 5, 10, 15, 20 MHz channels. Includes the full suite of high performance capabilities including: Fast Adapti

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  • PTP 650S

    PTP 650S is a single unit module optimized for small cell backhaul applications. PTP 650S simplifies the installation in all kinds of urban and rural

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  • PTP Force 110

    The ePMP Force 110 PTP high gain integrated solution enhances range (25 dBi antenna with 30 dBm of transmit power) and improves throughput (up to 200

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  • PTP 820

    PTP 820 is a point-to-point licensed microwave backhaul platform that integrates leading networking functionality with the industry’s most advanced

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