We Aim To Connect Everyone With Business Wireless Solutions

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, high-speed, clear and concise communications are facilitated for businesses and professionals by wireless broadband and unified communications systems. These services are required constantly and consistently to enable organisations and businesses to function and communicate in a range of fields and environments, so quality products are key.

At Minerva, we aim to work with our award-winning and industry-leading vendors to provide and deliver affordable, functional wireless broadband solutions. From Cambium Networks to Rajant, discover our advanced wireless communication networks and how we can build a tailored solution to you.

Our wireless broadband vendors include:

Explore our point-to-point; point-to-multipoint and wireless mesh solutions to deliver your communications effortlessly and with speed. High quality wireless broadband systems don’t just enhance your communication capabilities but increase your businesses security and scalability levels.

If you’re having problems with your wireless broadband solutions, discover our vendors and expert advice to get to the root of the problem. Contact our dedicated customer service team to get more information on the correct products for you, your needs and your business.

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