What Are The Advantages Of Dispatch Software and SmartPTT?

Here at Minerva, our product and vendor portfolios encapsulate a range of software and operational systems. Designed for businesses across the globe regardless of size or scale, our softwares maximise efficiency. Dispatch software, provided by our partner vendor Elcomplus Company, namely SmartPTT, provide businesses with the ability to both scale their operations and increase personnel safety, to name just a few advantages.

What is dispatch software?

Dispatch software provides businesses with the ability to scale and improve their radio communication systems to facilitate a range of capabilities that maximise both cost efficiency, personnel work and customer satisfaction. Dispatch software is an operational system that enables communication and monitoring of said communication to maximise efficiency, clarity, scalability and flexibility.

Dispatch software, such as SmartPTT, ensures the building of complex dispatch software systems. These systems feature a range of features including:

  • Voice Dispatch
  • Text Messaging Capabilities
  • Job Ticket Dispensing
  • Enhanced GPS Tracking
  • Voice Recording
  • Telephone Interconnect

What are the benefits of dispatch software?

Radio dispatch software hosts a range of benefits, including the ability to provide an elevated user experience such as enhanced monitoring, maintenance and management, the ability to provide rapid response to an emergency, increased personnel safety due to increased communicative abilities and reduced cost management.

Other benefits of dispatch software include:

  • Enables sophisticated transportation management
  • Allows the implementation of automated scheduling
  • Ensures widescale scalability and flexibility for businesses
  • Leads to improved customer satisfaction
  • Provides real time route updating
  • Includes route optimisation capabilities

Who uses radio dispatch software?

Dispatch software is used by a range of industries and businesses including transport management, emergency services, regional, national and international couriers and oil and gas pipelines. Whilst this list is not extensive, the uses of dispatch software are broad and significant, and the software incorporates a range of business intelligence tools to enhance business operations.

What is SmartPTT dispatch software?

SmartPTT was designed by Elcomplus Company and features in Minerva’s diverse product portfolio. The software facilitates professional radio communications from Motorola two-way radios and creates sophisticated dispatch control systems for linear, geographical, and local objects to maximise the efficiency of radio communications and job assignment across a range of industries as previously mentioned.

What are the features of SmartPTT?

SmartPTT software is a highly complex software system that enables businesses to control and manage their communications with ease. These features include:

  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Sophisticated Data Transmission
  • MOTORBO Infrastructure Interconnectivity
  • Date and Voice Logging
  • Radio Network Interconnectivity
  • Solo and Group Voice Dispatch

The above features are ideal for businesses who are looking to automate routine tasks, connect radio systems to third-party applications such as IPBX, and conduct real-time GPS tracking.

SmartPTT Dispatch Software at Minerva

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