What Are The Differences Between 5G and 4G Networks?

The differences between 5G and 4G networks may seem confusing at first, but we can assure you that once you get to grips with it, it’s relatively simple. It seems only a short while ago that previous network generations were born and were seen as completely innovative for their time. For example, when the 3G network was eventually integrated into everyday life, many saw this as an ultra-fast network. However, within these current years, it has become apparent that many data users simply scoff at the low connectivity level of 3G, it is no longer satisfying the modern fast-paced lifestyle many of us live.

If you are someone who has heard of the new 5G generation of network, you may be asking what the benefits of this innovation are. You may also be asking what the difference is between 4G and 5G networks. We’re here to explain how the technology works and what the difference is between 5G and its 4th generation predecessor.

How Is 5G Better Than 4G?

To put it simply, 5G has a multitude of finesses in its favour over its older 4G sibling. In fact, this network has features and capabilities that were once unimaginable. Later versions of 5G have been proposed as a win for all industries driven by data, meaning it will be beneficial to many work sectors and businesses.

With 4G, there is often congestion on the network, this was predominantly due to the overwhelmingly brilliant video quality that came as a feature of the 4th Generation network. This video quality upgrade was one of the reasons why 4G was labelled as elite in comparison to the 3G network, hence the reason for increased download traffic. However, one of the main benefits of 5G is that the network congestion will be eliminated. This will always allow super speedy accessibility for all users, including at data rush hours.

What Are the All-New Features Of 5G?

5G incorporates brand new features that were never thought possible when its predecessor was created. These all-new features include:

  • Less latency
  • Larger capacity for device connection
  • Impeccably higher speeds
  • Better efficiency
  • Less interference
  • Better security that is easily achievable

The reason that 5G is capable of this is due to the new frequencies and spectrum that it uses. These have been developed by intelligent new technology, allowing us to progress forward into the new age of networking.

5G providers are also promising a new age in terms of the extended range that 5G has to offer. For example, the Wavemaker PRO 5G Outdoor CPE – FW2010e promises to provide a longer range of up to 3 miles by using sophisticated high gain antennas. This means that the device lowers the cost of gigabit broadband deployment.

How Can 5G Benefit Industries?

One of the main differences between 4G and 5G, is the new types of connected devices that 5G will be incredibly valuable to. 5G will be able to connect to so much more than smartphones, tablets, and computers! In fact, 5G will be able to connect to pretty much any device, while still providing a speedy and stable connection across all devices. The all-new connection type is set to be used in important sectors such as the medical industry, which will highly improve medical care across the globe.

5G can also improve the traditional industry of farming. That’s right, agriculture is digitalising! But how can digital technology assist farming? Well, it’s relatively simple! The technology being developed offers an efficient sensor system, so farmers can monitor exactly what their crops need! Furthermore, there are futuristic robots being developed, so farmers can have increased safety while farming and massively improved productivity.

Even gaming, which is unsurprisingly the world’s biggest entertainment sector, will be growing even faster when 5G makes on the go gaming even more widespread. Devices will be able to have longer battery life due to the 5th Generation Network’s processing skills, meaning gamers can immerse themselves in virtual realities for longer periods of time.

How Can Businesses Purchase 5G?

It is relatively simple to incorporate the benefits of this new age network into your business or establishment. There are many different devices that you can purchase, either for commercial or for personal use. The suppliers of these devices include our valued vendors like Cambium Networks, and Inseego, who understand that communication and efficiency are at the heart of all businesses.

If you are interested in purchasing a 5G networking device, please do get in touch with our knowledgeable and expert customer services team today, who will be more than happy to discuss the best option for your individual business needs.

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