What is cnMaestro™? 7 Key Features

cnMaestro™ is an enterprise-class management system, part of the Cambium Networks portfolio. It is a management software platform that can be hosted either via the cloud, or on-premises to ensure secure network control. The sophisticated network management system is easy to use helping simplify operations and ongoing maintenance of your network.

cnMaestro™ works seamlessly with the other products in the Cambium portfolio including cnPilot, ePMP, PtP and PtMP, cnMatrix, cnVision and cnWave.

There are many benefits to utilising cnMaestro™, including:

1. Simplified device management

In a single window, you can have full visibility into your whole Cambium product line and manage the complete lifecycle of Cambium devices. The intuitive and easy to use interface allows greater focus and faster times for productivity.

2. Full visibility

Once your access points and switches are configured, you can monitor and manage the performance of both network and client devices. The interface includes a client dashboard, an application page and a performance page offering visibility into the client activity and the quality of experience. You can also delve further and troubleshoot client device issues.

3. Designed for wireless

cnMaestro™ is designed from the bottom up for wireless networks. You can view network data including maps, tables and single devices or the entire group.

4. Scalable

The configuration functionality makes it easy to add new products to the network. If you add new APs or switches, the auto-configuration functionality allows easy integration with zero-touch so you can grow the network easily.

5. Troubleshooting & 24/7 support

The system has robust troubleshooting tools including remote CLI access to access points and switches. Health and performance statics are shown in the dashboard with just one click so you can review any issues easily and rectify them quickly. For any other technical issues, there is 24/7 support from the platform.

6. APIs and Webhooks

The system also allows for 3rd party integrations so you can link with Slack and other tools your business uses on a day-to-day basis.

7. Enhance guest access portal capabilities

cnMaestro™ makes it easy to create custom guess access portals for different networks, whether they are free, paid or voucher based. It allows for a maximum of 500 different access portals or a maximum of 10,000 sessions. Creating a custom access portal is very easy in the cnMaestro™ interface with customisable templates for landing pages and more.

What subscriptions are available?

There are two different subscriptions available with cnMaestro™. The first is cnMaestro™ Essentials which is a license-free version. This delivers a disruptive Total Cost of Ownership for all sizes of organisations and businesses. The second option is cnMaestro™ X, this is a subscription offer that includes more advanced management capabilities, accelerated access to L2 engineers and faster upgrades to advanced features.

Minerva is proud Cambium Networks partners and can help tailor a solution for your connectivity needs. If you’re interested in cnMaestro and how it can benefit your business or organisation, then get in touch with our team today.

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