MOTOTRBO is the product name Motorola give to its DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) products. Motorola worked in conjunction with ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institue) to develop this standard and as such Motorola is compliant and a leading manufacturer of DMR products.

What products does MOTOTRBO offer?

  • Hand portable two-way radios
  • Mobile radios
  • Repeaters
  • Single & multi-site software
  • Data apps (voice recording, alarm control & more)

What does MOTOTRBO do?

MOTOTRBO combines exceptional two-way radio system functionality with advanced digital technology which increases system capacity and spectrum efficiency whilst providing integrated data application access. Information can be provided to employees anywhere on a 24/7 basis conveniently, and cost-effectively.

MOTOTRBO uses a two-slot TDMA architecture. TDMA here stands for Time Division Multiple Access. TDMA divides a channel into two-time slots, enabling two calls on the same channel.

What are the benefits of TDMA?

TDMA technology delivers twice the capacity lowering your equipment costs as your repeater will push out two instead of one channel.

What are the main benefits of MOTOTRBO?

  1. Improved spectrum efficiency by providing two calls on the same channel
  2. Longer battery life since radio transmits only during the allotted time slot
  3. Fully compliant with ETSI DMR standards
  4. Integrated voice and data application
  5. Improved airtime usage
  6. Improved audio quality at weaker radio frequency signal

MOTOTRBO radios are designed for all businesses, industrial and commercial use. They combine the best in two-way radio functionality with advanced technology and versatility for all types of projects or businesses, and are now leading the way in two-way radio functionality.

If you are interested in how MOTORTBO could benefit your business, then get in touch with our in-house team today!


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