What is The Best Wireless Internet for Businesses?

We offer multiple wireless internet options for businesses ranging from Cambium Networks to Rajant. Which solution is best depends on your businesses needs.

For business users, security is a primary concern when choosing a WiFi access point. Other considerations are:

  1. The density of users (how many users per location)
  2. Guest access
  3. Type of traffic (VoIP, Data, Video, etc.)
  4. Location, is this a dedicated building for your business or is it a shared premise with increased interference potential?
  5. Will users be mobile or stationary

Internet Access Experience

Ultimately your internet access experience will be significantly determined by the level or service you have from your service provider. Even with low-level WiFi packages, choosing the right equipment and applications can significantly increase the usability of the bandwidth you are paying for.

Any WiFi access point which is designed to work in high density, high interference and offers updated security feature like Enterprise (802.1x/EAP), WPA PSK (TKIP) is considered as a good wireless access point.

If you require multiple Access Points (AP’s), you need to ensure the access point you chose can detect not only external interference, but also internal interference from other access points in your network.

The latest standard introduced by IEEE is called 802.11ax. When choosing an access point, you should check this standard is supported as well as previous standards to ensure older devices can access the network. WiFi standards change frequently so most organisations will have users working on different standards.

At Minerva, we work relentlessly to ensure we suggest the appropriate access point to meet your current and future needs. We are always happy to suggest a number of different options to suit all needs and budgets. Our primary WiFi access point vendor is Cambium networks who have one of the best WiFi access point portfolios in the market. They provide not only cost-effective solutions but provide resilience, scalability and backwards compatibility to ensure you get cost beneficial, feature-rich products that can extend the usability of your investment.

If you have any requirements, small or large please don’t hesitate to contact our team to see what we can do for you and your business.

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