Which is The Best Two-Way Radio?

The best two-way radio depends on your requirements. For DMR (Digital Mobile Radios), Motorola Solutions have 3 tiers of radios. Each tier is separately priced, with the more expensive radios having higher functionalities. We’ve outlined the main features of each tier of DMR to help you decide who two-way radio is best.

Tier 1: DM/DP1000 series

This is the low tier for two-way radios and are suitable for users who have limited channel requirements and require basic voice communications. If this is all you are after then we recommend MOTOTRBO DP1400 or MOTOTRBO DM1400.

Tier 2: DM/DP2000/DP3000

These are the mid-range two-way radios and have some additional features. They would suit users that require a medium level of group access but perform their main duties via voice. If this sounds like the right choice for you then we recommend MOTOTRBO DM2600, MOTOTRBO DP2600 or MOTOTRBO DP3000e SERIES.

Tier 3: DM/DP4000

This is the top range of two-way radios which provide users with a feature rich radio with significant capabilities: GPS tracking, telephony interconnect, private calling, SMS, ATEX certification, and high IP rating. This range would suit larger organizations requiring a flexible adaptable product. We recommend trying MOTOTRBO DP4400 or MOTOTRBO DM4000e SERIES.

What are the different radio portfolios?

Two Way Radio is an extremely broad portfolio. A bit like Ford or Toyota, what’s best for you is the product that meets your specific needs (be that a small urban runaround or a large commercial truck).

 With the above analogy in mind lets focus on the portfolio (different categories).

  • PMR446 or license free radios
  • DMR
  • Tetra
  • APCO

What are license free radios/PMR446?

Free Radios/PMR446 radios are best suited for the following:

  • Business level:  Traditionally small size units who need to communicate together across a limited distance e.g. restaurants, cinemas, shops
  • Personal Level: Typical family or group outings where you need to communicate to your family or friends across a limited distance e.g. hiking groups, camping groups, sailing groups, fishing groups.

The coverage areas and functionality are limited but anyone can buy these products.

What is DMR?

DMR are one of most popular radio system in the world right-now. It is widely used by all types of organizations, be it blue light services (police, ambulance and fire service), security forces, petrochemical plants, yards, utilities, hospitality, events, transport, schools and so on. What makes DMR so popular is its flexibility. It can be deployed to cover a building, city and even country.

What is TETRA?

Tetra is a very popular radio system and Motorola were heavily involved with ETSI in developing this standard. Tetra is significantly more expensive when compared to DMR. This is due to the rich feature and functionality the standard deploys. Tetra is the premium communication system used by large organizations and government entities. It provides a sophisticated encryption system and efficient spectrum utilization.

What is APCO?

APCO is one of the most-advanced and secure radio system in the world. It is the main communication platform used by the military (the use of Tetra is not permitted by ETSI in a combat arena) and in countries that prefer APCO to Tetra for blue lights and government communications. This standard was developed by Motorola. The price of APCO is high compared to Tetra.

For the majority of businesses DMR is preferred choice as it meets the needs of a large range of users from large organizations to small SME’s.

There are various other radio systems and proprietary systems for example, marine radios for ship communication, Airband radios for aircraft communication, HF Radio, etc. these are bespoke to the specific industries and have therefore been omitted from the above. At Minerva we have solutions to suit all businesses so get in touch today and find out how we can help you!

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